Apologies to Michael Moore as I blatantly ripped off a title to one of his documentaries.

With all of the Bain Capital stories sweeping through the political news day, it got us me to think on what is the ideal world for the GOP?  The march towards austerity, the Wars Against (insert anything here) & the fear mongering that has been instigated by Mitt Romney & the right wing are all a piece of the narratives that they are trying to drive.  That the rich are sacred, and the rest of us are just inane demagogues who operate only under jealousy and disdain for success.

Not quite there Willard.  Anyone who isn’t rich knows that they aren’t jealous of people’s successes, but they just want a chance to not even prosper—-we just want a chance to improve ourselves instead of being forced into this new America where we hang up photos of David Koch instead of Michael Jordan.  But I digress.

No, the GOP wants to keep America somewhat similar to the current one we live in because let’s face it; the rich do have more advantages than the everyday person.  That’s just life at this point.  They just want to take the current system we have and completely air-raid the few benefits “we” have.

Let’s take a quick dosage of Benadryl and dream about the nightmare that is the GOP’s dream.

We start off on what appears to be a normal day in a normal big city.  On one side of town?  It’s fantastic.  The people that live here are happy, smiling & laughing over the smallest things because their life just improved exponentially.

Yes, the news that President Mitt Romney signed legislation banning minimum wage has been the talk of the town today.  These people are enthralled with the fact that they can now hire more people, yes, but pay them “what the worker earns”.  That saying has become these people’s “that’s what she said” joke as they guffaw at the thought that any of these people are going to make more than a dollar.

“We’re running a business, not a charity!” Donald says, “these people should be kissing us because WE did our part and gave them a job.”

“Oh stop, we’ll pay them….wait for it…..what they EARN”, David exclaims.

As the room fills with laughs in-between puffs of Cuban cigars, these people are already sending out millions to the President’s re-election campaign.  After all, The United States Of America—sponsored by Wal-Mart—must be preserved and thankfully Romney has done just that.  Our Founding Fathers wanted that, of course.

In their eyes, where would we be without John, Andrew,  JP & Charles who gave us everything it could ever ask them?  It’s only right that we continue on their with their legacy right?  Plus, we gave birth to WalMart who has every right to freedom of speech, protest, to bear arms, etc. because in the name of the law; its a person.

While the self-righteousness of this side of town could make one person sick, it doesn’t tell the whole story.  As quickly as life is improving amongst this small group of men, let’s go to the opposite side of town.

The news that President Romney signed that infamous legislation bill has hit this part of the town hard.  What was once a nice, suburban dwelling is now reminiscent of a Western ghost town.  The people are all still there, in fact the population of the area is set to skyrocket, but the emotion is completely gone.

All of these people have jobs but unlike what their superiors believe, there’s not much happiness about it.  They are always on the cusp of being foreclosed due to the low salaries and if they get fired?  Well, there aren’t any unions due to the influence that Attorney General Walker has and without unemployment benefits, there is no way they can bother asking for a raise or promotion.

Children as young as 8 are finding jobs with factories in order to give money back to their families.  When people suggested that unemployment caused people to not want to look for work, they were wrong.  Instead, since the government discontinued Pell Grants and other forms of “charity”, children are losing the willpower to want to go to college as it has simply become too unaffordable to attend Rutgers University – KODAK Campus.

Even elections and campaigning have lost their fire.  Since half of the population can’t vote due to disenfranchising, people are now adjusting to their silence and listlessness.  Voting is for the unemployed, they say, because only they have the time to.

Small businesses are on the way down as, while they don’t have to pay health care benefits to their workers, were simply swallowed up by larger chains.  Who needs “Dad’s Barber Shop” when President Romney can just cut your hair himself?  Shouldn’t you be honored that a rich man would pay attention to your locks?

Trash piles on the outside of these homes as the garbage workers unions have been swallowed up.  Sure, a few rogue individuals try to contain all the trash, but it’s really all for nothing.  Garbage is simply a poor person’s problem now.

Taxes?  Well, they are lowered, but no one has the money to pay them.  There are simply too many bills to be paid and the money that is saved through the Romney tax cuts, just went to their mortgages instead.

Are you awake yet?  That’s the future.  Some people may claim that capitalism is the way to go but if you genuinely think that a corporatist state isn’t on the way, then you might have to be kidding yourself.  This isn’t a rant on big business, it’s a rant on the powers that they are earning due to Republicans like Mitt Romney.

In Mitt Romney’s world, unemployment is a shame but benefits are a four-letter word.  Oh, you got fired unceremoniously?  Well, Mitt lost election after election and he turned out just fine right?  That’s what he thinks.

Let’s prove him wrong this November.  Let’s show that you can’t cut our spirit like it’s a tax on the rich.  You simply can’t self-deport us like you did to your money that’s in the Cayman Islands.  You must face the wrath of the spurned after all you have done.

We must not let Mitt Romney’s America become a reality.