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Here’s one title that I never thought I would type, but I’ve learned that I can never doubt what the GOP is capable of stirring up this election cycle.

Today’s big story was how billionaire Joe Ricketts is heading a SuperPAC that brings back GOP boogeyman Reverend Jeremiah Wright & tries to label President Barack Obama as a  “black, metrosexual Abraham Lincoln”.

Yes, you read that right.  But before we go into the blatant form of race-baiting that is the latter part of the sentence, let’s revisit Jeremiah Wright real quick.

If the GOP thinks they had the inside track on winning the election this November, they wouldn’t be bringing up Wright.  Who is next, Bill Ayres?  But bringing up Wright, Ricketts is essentially using him as an introduction to the title.  By simply mentioning the “Hussein” in Barack Hussein Obama; Ricketts is also painting a portrait in the minds of a reader that President Obama isn’t “one of us”.

Wright symbolizes, not President Obama persae, but the failed election ’08 lie of Obama “pallin’ around with terrorists”.  Just like the failed “incriminating” video of a younger Barack Obama hugging a black professor, Ricketts is trying to associate the President with “black militants”.

Disgusting, isn’t it?

Then we get to the “black, metrosexual Abraham Lincoln” comment.  I still don’t know what the hell this symbolizes, but we can break it down word-by-word.

  1. Black:  The President is black, obviously.
  2. Metrosexual:  The word metrosexual is usually a word that’s used to describe a heterosexual male who is obsessed with his own image.  This can either be implied that Obama only cares about himself and not others OR could be a slight attack on the President’s stance in favor of same-sex marriage.  The word metrosexual is usually used by people as a response to being called gay.  A slight parallel can be forced here.
  3. Abraham Lincoln.  Now this is the part that gets to me.  Lincoln is considered the ultimate standard-bearer for Republicans, so I assume this is either a tongue-in-cheek reference or an implication that Obama thinks he’s the greatest.  No clue.

But really, we can break it down all we want and the same result gets spit out.  It’s hate-filled and while Mitt Romney can backpedal as fast as he can, it doesn’t erase the fact that the GOP is pallin’ around with hate.

The GOP is desperate and the last tactic they know best (just ask John McCain in 2000) is how to properly race-bait and excite the groups that aren’t too keen on Mitt Romney.

Let’s hope this one doesn’t work.