Failed 2012 Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota) has in the past denied rumors that he possessed interest in being Mitt Romney’s VP.  Today, however, he tried to re-clarify his denials.

Asked if he was being vetted, Pawlenty said:

“The Romney campaign has a policy … that we don’t talk about the vice presidential policy, in terms of timing, whether it relates to me or anyone else or the other aspects of that, so that’s just something we’re going to leave for another day and another time,

Sounds like Pawlenty was told not to say anything by Romney HQ.  Pawlenty is certainly used to the V/P buzz but besides that, he exhibits nothing to help out Mitt….unless you count the fact that he is even more uninspiring than Romney.

Source:  http://bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2012/05/17/after-crossing-his-name-off-mitt-romney-list-tim-pawlenty-sounds-open-joining-gop-ticket/iiK0bX0PnmRJxG1IcvuhCI/story.html