Early last year, when it looked like the race for the GOP nomination would come down to Mitt Romney versus someone better; several names were tossed out.  Some thought Michele Bachmann could rile up the far-right, some thought Newt Gingrich was the “scholar” of the field (no, really) and a few others looked at Governors Rick Perry or Chris Christie to be the chief rival to Romney.

Well after Campaign Gingrich got off to a rocky start, it looked like Romney would sail through the summer without a chief rival.

Then Donald Trump decided he needed a pay raise from NBC.  Trump, whose last flirtation with politics involved a potential third party bid with the Reform Party, injected himself into the national dialogue with a steady stream of borderline racist “birther” charges directed at President Obama.

Trump mistakenly was taken seriously.  He was actually LEADING the GOP field in April and continued talking himself up as a potential candidate.  He even spoke at CPAC, derided gays & praised Ronald Reagan (ignoring that he once called him a “con man”) to complete the Litmus Test of Conservatism.

As his popularity reached a tipping point, Trump focused on the tinfoiled “birther” allegations that President Obama isn’t a naturally-born American.  With the tact and charm of a rusty nail riddled with Tetanus, Trump went on a barrage to ask the answered question of “WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?”.

Trump was praised by his intellectual equal Rush Limbaugh for his persistence in demanding the release of a known document.

Finally President Obama released his long-term birth certificate and Trump’s world came crashing down as he was derided by the media for his foolhardy attempts into injecting himself in the political atmosphere.  He loudly signed on to do more seasons of the Celebrity Apprentice (where he has created jobs for the likes of Bret Michaels) and slowly shuffled himself out of the news.

But within the last month or two, Donald Trump has reared his hair back into the news cycle.  Sure, now he is more punchline than contender now but that isn’t stopping Mitt Romney from having fundraisers with him.

Also, Trump must be battling conservative reprogramming as he is now bringing up birtherism again like it’s 2011!  Trump, who took credit on getting the President to admit he was an American, is now retracting his statements and continuing to lead the herd of the dilapidated conservative movement to question Obama’s background.

Trump is no idiot.  He simply was a man who clung on to what he thought was an issue that would make him politically valuable and had a low risk to it.  President Obama denounced the birther movement plenty of times and Trump must’ve thought he could just skate by without retribution.  Then he proceeded to get embarrassed, became a political pariah and after sulking, he is now trying to save face.

Trump got trumped, that’s for sure.  But the fact is, we still give him a voice.  That’s the beauty of America at times, we give certain people their freedom of speech just so they can justify hearing themselves speak.  However, the freedom of speech doesn’t immune them from criticism or backlash.

Trump’s comments and his role as a “key surrogate” for Romney proves that anything is possible in America.  Especially if you are a bloviating ignoramus.