Martin O’Malley, Maryland Governor and oft-talked about 2016 contender, was the keynote speaker at a convention for New Hampshire Democrats.

O’Malley definitely sounded like a candidate as he called the current gridlock in D.C. the battle between “a job creation President and a constipated Congress” and urged the audience to use the name “Bush” whenever they discuss recession and/or downturn.

Also of note was the words that were said by Senator Jeanne Shaheen when introducing the Maryland Governor.  Shaheen said:

Martin has been in New Hampshire a lot,” she said. “There is some rumor that he might be here a little more often in the future.

O’Malley, for one, definitely didn’t defuse speculation at the conference.  O’Malley’s term runs out January 2015.  Stay tuned.

Source:  http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/breaking/bs-md-omalley-new-hampshire-20120602,0,1806375.story