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As the political world awaits what occurs in Tuesday’s special recall election for Governor, one has to wonder what happens if Scott Walker (as recent polls suggest) defeats Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett and finishes out his term?

Now, it would be easy to suggest that Walker would simply run for re-election and go on about his business.  Walker is Public Enemy #1 amongst liberals nationwide but appears to be a star amongst the right and at least convincing some independents that he should finish out his term.

His assault on unions and his almost brotherly relationship with the Koch Brothers obviously endears him to the far-right which has to be noticed amongst the GOP establishment.  He is doing exactly what they want by catering to the ultra-rich and receiving millions upon millions of dollars from the business world.

Scott Walker is again at the center of the center of the political universe with some familiar names bankrolling him, including former Newt Gingrich ally and billionaire Sheldon Adelson and former Santorum backer Foster Friess.  It’s quite clear that this race has national implications even if Walker does not have national aspirations.

But if Walker wins, expect a lot of speculation to start looking at him running in 2016 if Mitt Romney loses this November.  He would have several of big-dollar donors surrounding him, he’d have his highly conservative/pro-business/anti-union record to back him & could point to his electability as a positive.  Walker could simply say that he faced the wrath of “LIBERALS” and fought against the tide, especially in a state that’s likely to go in President Barack Obama’s column in November.  It’s an easy pro-Walker ad right there for the far-right.

Walker would probably be up against some big names in 2016 though and the evangelical vote is still up in the air.  But could you really see the guy who Koch Brothers invested so much money in, not get the support of some big SuperPACs?

It’s almost disgusting that amount of money that’s being thrown in this election and it seems to be aiding Walker’s once tarnished image.  But are there some last-minute cracks that are slowly revealing themselves?  The potential news that Walker is the target of a federal investigation looms over the race.  That could result in some negative publicity for Walker at an ultra-critical time for him.

A brand-new Public Policy Polling poll has the race at Walker 50, Barrett 47 which does show some small tightening as they recently had a 5-point Walker lead.

One thing is for sure, we’ll find out on Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning) what happens before we can look at the future.