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Well, I’m sure everyone knows that NBC News has called the winner of Wisconsin’s special recall election to be Governor Scott Walker.  This marks the end of a long, public battle between Scott Walker and Wisconsin Democrats in a race that seemed to have national implications.

But the news of this story will be repeated ad nauseam.  Everyone that follows politics will know the results by heart & the sickening amount of money that was injected into this race by right-wing activists and corporations.  Tonight shows that corporatism defeated democracy and the implications in terms of spending from outside groups, will be felt further down the line.

Let’s ignore that all for just a moment however.  I know it’s hard and the sting of defeat  has sickened many, including the writer himself.  However, I am an outsider in this election.  While I do feel that this election will affect all of us, my vote was not casted and my signature wouldn’t have helped recall Scott Walker.

Instead the true winners of tonight are the Wisconsin voters.  Turnout was very good on both sides of the aisle apparently & even with the corporate sponsorship that was given to Walker.

Wisconsin Democrats did all of this.  Wisconsin Democrats fought for union workers and laborers across the country by attempting to resist an overreach of government into the lives of workers.  The right often backlashes against Democrats when they “interfere” with business yet there is no outrage when they interfere with you know…actual workers that make this economy go round.

Tom Barrett lost tonight.  That is nothing short of a tragedy for the people who worked tirelessly to get boots on the ground and voices into phones.  But we injected ourselves into a democracy that is overwhelmingly corporate in its benefactors.  Without WI voters, we would’ve been rushed to silence instead of rushing to the polls.  We got our voices heard on a more local level and that spilled into the national discourse.

So thank you, Wisconsin voters.  For those who are in line, please keep voting and for those who did not and are upset about the results; don’t make this critical mistake again.  Voting should not be mandatory, that is absolutely correct, but those who remain silent on the most critical days are the only ones who wasted their time.

Yes, we lost.  But onward we fight.  We are up against the likes of billionaires who would like nothing more to see than us fail and squander away our opportunities to get their pawns out of the public eye.  This race is over, but we are not yet done.

Let’s make sure that November is an election that leaves the GOP and it’s billionaire donors the ones with a bitter taste in their mouth.