Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan has gone from potential rising star to potential party leader in the time it took for him to formulate a plan that ravaged poor families.  Naturally, Ryan would be the perfect #2 to the man who once bragged about his hobby of “firing people”.

But not so fast?  While Marco Rubio and Rob Portman have captured the media’s attention as the frontrunner, most pundits refuse to dismiss the possibility of Ryan.  Still, it seems that the only thing holding Ryan back from the VP nod is well…his own personal ambitions.

When Ryan was asked about the potential of being the Vice President, he answered with a coy “If that bridge ever came, I would consider crossing it” but added “I really don’t have tremendous political ambition. I have policy ambition.”

Ryan’s chief clam to fame is his budget proposal that would cut taxes on America’s wealthiest and slash budgeting of major social initiatives including those that support the poor.  If he were VP, Ryan would have to give the reigns to someone else and it appears he wouldn’t be quite ready to do that.

Much like Rubio, I can’t see Ryan taking the nod because the risk of losing could stain his brand.  I think a “safe” option a la Portman, John Thune or maybe even Tim Pawlenty is more likely.

Still regardless of the future, this won’t be the last we’ll hear of Ryan’s national ambitions.