While Tim Pawlenty failed to gain any traction in his failed Presidential campaign, it appears the former Minnesota Governor is impressing some with his ardent support of Mitt Romney.

Pawlenty’s support has been “rewarded” with a spot on the Mitt Romney’s bus tour and he celebrated by ripping the President in New Hampshire.

Pawlenty, exhibiting his best attempt at a ferocity, blasted President Obama’s “teleprompter speeches” by stating:

We’ve had enough of him flapping his jaw, we need somebody who’s actually going to do the job and get results, and that’s Mitt Romney.

Ouch, right?  But Pawlenty is probably best remembered for his rebuking of Mitt Romney’s passed health care bill in Massachusetts and dubbed it as “Obamaneycare”….when pressed in a debate last summer, Pawlenty responded by backpedaling off the stage.

Still, it’s rather peculiar that the Romney campaign would put Tim Pawlenty of all people in New Hampshire.  It seems that, even though he might not be a favorite, Pawlenty is making himself a contender for the nod to be Romney’s running mate.