Former Speaker of the House and failed Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich offered former rival Mitt Romney some free advice on campaigning.

Gingrich, speaking to “Spinners & Winners”, stated that Romney’s main weakness is “gonna be the tendency of the consultants to play it safe” which actually is accurate when it comes to the Republican presumptive nominee.  Romney, for example, appears to be closing in on Ohio Senator Rob Portman or former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty because they are a “safe” pick.

It’s interesting that Gingrich said these comments though.  Gingrich knows campaigning better than any of the candidates for the GOP nomination this year as his borderline race-baiting in South Carolina showcased.  Even though he is a highly polarizing figure, Gingrich could actually be a useful surrogate for Romney if used correctly.

But that would require an ego drop.

What’s even more interesting in that short article is his comments that actually smell like populism.  Gingrich, who notably was backed by multibillionaire Sheldon Adelson, spoke of the unfair advantages the rich had in America.  He stated that:

We’re in a situation where if you’re really rich, you have an enormous, and I think unfair, advantage,” Gingrich told us. “The trick is not to cripple the rich, the trick is to empower the middle class.

How about that?  With this interview and his appearances on MSNBC programs “Hardball” and “Politics Nation with Al Sharpton”, it does appear that Newt is positioning himself to get a job as a political pundit.

So where does Newt go next?

Source (with interview): http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/power-players-abc-news/newt-gingrich-advice-mitt-romney-sharpen-animal-instincts-105728293.html