It was but a few weeks ago that I dismissed the notion of Tim Pawlenty being Mitt Romney’s running mate this year.  I thought of how Michele Bachmann essentially neutralized his campaign, his timid response of his “Obamneycare” comments when confronted and his lack of excitement/buzz really made him seem like a dark horse.

Then Pawlenty, who did do a good job as a Romney surrogate in the primaries on the talking shows circuit, started opening his mouth and sounded better than he did as a Presidential candidate.

But I was still bullish.  Pawlenty is no longer a rising star in the GOP, he is no longer in office & was still being overshadowed by the Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, John Thune, Paul Ryan & Chris Christies of the world.  Pawlenty is a conservative, yes, but didn’t appeal much to the Tea Party crowd as much as most of the other candidates did.

So, why was this man still being considered?  What argument would Pawlenty have over anyone else?  He isn’t from a potential swing state, so he might not be a boon electorally and he is as “safe” a pick as he can get.

Then it clicked to me.  I almost hit myself in the head as soon as I had this bizarre Tim Pawlenty epiphany.

He was a Governor!

Okay, we all knew this.  So why is that even mildly important?

Well, think of all the arguments Romney has tried to “stick” on Obama.  Solyndra riled the base up quite well, but sort of faded.  Immigration and gay marriage are causes that are also pretty partisan so it’d be hard to get “middle ground” people there.  Afghanistan has sort of taken a backseat due to the job reports that come out every month and contraception has slightly faded too.

But isn’t it obvious why Pawlenty’s gubernatorial career makes sense in his potential?  Alright, let me explain a bit more.

Mitt Romney is a big fan of touting his accomplishments as an executive.  His main argument on why he is a better candidate (and always has been, even in primaries) is that he had executive experience that no one else had.  He kept harping on being a “Washington outsider” and if he didn’t want to talk about his own record as the Governor of Massachusetts, he’d just redirect it to the his private sector life.

Tim Pawlenty is an ardent supporter of Romney, which always has SOME importance, but he has EXECUTIVE experience.  Some Independents like the sound of having two executives at the helm of a nation that is still struggling to firmly place itself on his feet. Even if those two executives are milquetoast at most.  Executive experience is the argument that Mitt Romney will use ad nauseam if he picks Pawlenty.

He no longer holds an official position and is now an outsider and he also has ran a state budget.  Romney is going to hammer the economy until November and how could he tout his aptitude at putting the best peopel around him, if he has someone like Marco Rubio or Rob Portman in his corner?

It’s a safe decision, which is what Mitt Romney does, and it has only room to help him.  Pawlenty will not hurt him no matter what.  Pawlenty won’t stray away from the farm and is the perfect “yes-man” to have for the Republican Party.

Stay tuned.