There was once a time, earlier in the year, that Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was seen as a potential “white knight” for the Republican Party if it got to a brokered convention.  Hell, he even got the right to make the Republican “rebuttal” to President Obama’s State of the Union address in February.  All the pieces were in place for Daniels to be a pretty big player in the Republican Party.

Well those are going to have to wait longer as Mitch Daniels is set to be the 12th President of Purdue University, which is actually interesting in its own right.

You see, while Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was getting publicity (rightfully) for his attacks on collective bargaining rights and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett was facing backlash for his slashing of state education; Daniels was doing both.  Daniels, who recently stated that public-sector unions must be eliminated entirely, cut over $150 million from the state education budget with Purdue facing $25 million in cuts.

So why is this relatively small news bit at least somewhat newsworthy?  As per the ABC News, Daniels was elected unanimously by the Board of Trustees, eight of whom were appointed by Daniels (one was out of the country).  So the guy that cut the budget at Purdue is appointed President of the University, by the people he appointed as Governor.

Got it?

This is probably the end of the political career of Mitch Daniels.  Daniels didn’t seem too jazzed up about a Presidential bid but he did really increase his name over the past 12 months or so.  Still, I’m willing to bet we don’t see him run for President in 2016.  Then again, I guess I could be wrong as well.