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Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told a high school AP history class on Tuesday that he is not really the “vice presidential type” but left enough wiggle room to not close the door on being Mitt Romney’s potential #2.

He might be able to convince me,” Christie said of Romney. “He’s a convincing guy.

Though to be fair, it is decorum for all candidates (be they likely or unlikely) to never fully disclose their true ambitions or likelihood of being a candidate; Christie’s words still hold some weight.

But as the title of this blog indicates, Chris Christie is actually dead on in his self-describing.  Christie is brash and unapologetic, which could lead to some headaches for Mitt Romney HQ this November if they were sharing a ticket.  Christie would dwarf Romney’s candidacy and is far better as a loud surrogate as opposed to a dominating presence.

That said, Christie has fallen off the radar as of late as it appears the Romney campaign is focusing on more “safe” options a la Tim Pawlenty.

Christie’s star is not falling by any stretch in the Republican Party, but the likelihood of being Mitt Romney’s #2 does seem to be unlikely.