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While Americans got used to the word “transvaginal ultrasound” and weighed the meaning of “Fast & Furious”, Mitt Romney has decided to talk about one singular topic:  his business experience.

As Romney continues to feign deafness when it comes to the topic of immigration and really just about anything else, he continues to try and dodge attacks concerning his record at Bain Capital.

But is his silence on immigration and full-throated support for himself actually a shrewd campaign tactic?

It’s no shock that Romney is more than likely going to get pummeled against President Obama in the black, women & Hispanic vote.  The Republican Party has done too much damage to its brand amongst those demographics & the Obama campaign has wrapped them in quite nicely.  Romney’s silence on immigration might just simply be to preserve the unsteady support that he has amongst the Latino community and providing an on-the-record rejection of “The DREAM Act” could put that in jeopardy.

Notice that Mitt Romney’s “self-deportation” idea was perhaps the weakest proposal the Republican Party had to offer.  It was innocent enough for him to not get picked apart by the Latino community and still at least proved he had some position on the topic of immigration.

Mitt Romney though, has only two advantages over Barack Obama when it comes the electorate.

  1. Typical Republican voters
  2. Working Class Voters

The first one is obvious but the second one is really what Mitt is focusing on and he’s been catering all of his messages to that portion of the country.

Romney wants to make this election a referendum on one topic: business acumen.  It’s Romney’s bread-and-butter topic but also one where he can actually spin on President Obama.

Let me try to make this more clearer and put it to you this way.  The signature attack on Mitt Romney hasn’t been on his Mormonism, his flip-flopping or placing poor Seamus on the roof of his car.  Instead, the focus of criticism amongst Mitt Romney has been his experience as CEO of Bain Capital.  Is he a job creator or job cremator?  Is this venture capitalism or vulture?

What is the one financial fear-mongering tactic the Republicans have used on this President?  It’s been that he is some socialist that will take everyone’s money and make it impossible for you to grow financially.  He’ll raise your taxes, take your guns & do it while not showing his birth certificate.

It’s really all the Republican Party has at this point and with Mitt Romney, a long-time businessman, at their disposal?  It’s really a match made in corporatist heaven.

But contrary to the opinion of some, their message isn’t exactly catered to the mega-rich corporations and the likes of Sheldon Adelson.  No, it’s catered to…well, any working class voter.  The working class voter is the demographic that is likely most concerned with the economy as opposed to the decisions that the Supreme Court are making/releasing.  They are the ones that Mitt Romney will likely try to convince that they should be scared of the current President.

Let’s face it, the working class is never purely satisfied with their footing.  They would love to do better in fact.  That’s why the GOP continues to hammer that President Obama is some secret socialist because they want to tell these voters that they won’t be able to “prosper” under his administration.  Everyone that’s not making billions of dollars  per year would love to advance their financial situation and by alleging that the President wants everyone to be “equal” (which is preposterous), the Republican Party are painting themselves as the actual champions of the middle class.

That’s why every single attack on Mitt Romney by the left has been accused of anti-capitalism and Romney is going to use that defense mechanism all the way until November of this year.  Romney’s ONLY (barring major scandal or economic collapse) of winning this election is to extend his lead amongst dissatisfied working class voters which he’ll do by championing himself as the only person suited to take on the private sector.

Yes that is a fallacy, but with the vast amount of money that Team Romney has; you are going to hear that message many times.

The only question is, will it work?