After Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s comfortable win against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, speculation started to swirl on Walker’s political future.  Most of it, obviously, centered around the 2016 presidential race.

Well, it seems that Walker has given it some thought and he is not ruling it out.  When asked by POLITICO, Walker stated:

I have not made any plans for the future, and my wife would kill me if I announced anything before that,” said Walker.

For those keeping track, Scott Walker’s wife was also allegedly a supporter of him being ousted as Governor because “he could bring in some real money” in the private sector.  So this isn’t the first time, Walker has evoked his wife Tonette’s name.

But let’s re-examine a Walker candidacy.  Could you think of any Governor that would have the right-wing/corporatist credibility that could match Walker?  Walker would have plenty of backers with DEEP pockets in his corner and also could tell the bloodthirsty audience that he “took on unions” and “cut spending” more than any other Governor in the nation.

If that doesn’t scare progressives, liberals or Democrats in general; I don’t know what will.  A Walker candidacy and potentially, Presidency would make America a “right-to-work” nation in which corporations are people….and the law.