There was a time, I believe it was called the year 2011, that Bob McDonnell was seen not only as a rising star in the GOP but as a likely favorite for the VP slot for Mitt Romney.  McDonnell was an early supporter for the former Massachusetts Governor and given Virginia’s status as a highly critical swing state, it only made sense for him to be looked at as such.

Then, the word “transvaginal ultrasound” came into the public lexicon.  Ever since that noun made its voyage to the mainstream, McDonnell has seen his support slightly ebb as the media continues to speculate on who Mitt Romney’s #2 will be.

But McDonnell does appear to be at least aware of how to answer the whole “are you being vetted?” question.

When asked, McDonnell had this to say:

I’m not discussing the vice presidential vetting process.  You can address those questions to the Romney campaign.

So basically a more pointed “no comment” than the ones we are used to.

Still, McDonnell might be a second tier contender for the vice presidential slot but if he does get selected?  Expect numerous ads by the Democratic Party stating that McDonnell, for all intents and purposes, kickstarted the “War on Women”.

In conclusion, might not be the best choice for Mitt Romney.

Source: http://www.capitolcolumn.com/news/bob-mcdonnell-stays-mum-on-romneys-vp-vetting-process/