Now that her disastrous bid for the Republican nomination has somewhat faded from the public memory, Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann landed a spot on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.

The British interviewer asked the Republican representative if she was interested in the gig to be Mitt Romney’s sidekick, Bachmann quipped:

Whoever it is that he chooses to bring in as his V.P., it will be a highly competent person who could step in at a moment’s notice and assume the responsibilities of the White House,” the Minnesota congresswoman said

Okay, that’s a rather innocent and believe it or not; correct statement.  Kudos to you Mrs. Bachmann as you stated a truth and went through a sentence without uttering your desire for Barack Obama to be a one-term President.

Morgan though asked Bachmann if she was being vetted for the slot and she responded:

“Well, that’s something for the campaign to answer on. That’s not for me to make that decision, and that announcement.

I’ll sum it up for you, she’s not being vetted though she gave the correct statement.  If Mitt Romney wanted to lose this election, he would nominate Michele Bachmann.  She would do nothing to bolster Romney amongst independents, women, Hispanics, etc. and is far too polarizing to ever be considered a VP.

Source:  http://www.wibw.com/home/nationalnews/headlines/Bachmann_On_VP_Spot_Not_For_Me_To_Make_That_Decision_161208075.html