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Over the past two weeks we got the SCOTUS ruling on SB1070 and the Affordable Care Act and the July jobs report, so it seems that we are going to reach a minor lull in major political news.

With the Olympics approaching, it seems that the next big campaign development we will be focusing on throughout the month is the race to be Mitt Romney’s running mate.  I currently stand by my prediction that Tim Pawlenty will be the final pick but hey, why not speculate for the future?  That’s what we do here at Pollitics Today.  

Click the names to see explanations if available.

  1. Tim Pawlenty
    -Click the link for my analysis.  Anyway, I definitely think Pawlenty is the odds-on favorite for the running mate slot.  You can see my rationale there.
  2. John Thune
    -I still think Thune’s future lies as a future Majority/Minority leader for the Republican Party in the Senate.
  3. Rob Portman
    -Portman’s name went from being discussed as one of the favorites to almost an afterthought over the past couple of weeks through no fault of his own.  It just appears that the Romney team doesn’t want to associate himself with the Bush Administration in which Portman served.
  4. Paul Ryan
    -Paul Ryan might have more policy ambitions than political, but I think he’s rising as Romney’s VP.  Ryan has it all and he’s a big enough name without being too controversial.  However, Ryan only has one big piece of legislation to his name and that involves the “Path to Prosperity”.  Does Romney really want to give Team Obama a chance to keep portraying Romney as out-of-touch with everyday people?  By selecting Ryan, Romney risks that given the Path to Prosperity’s severe cuts to social aid.
  5. Bobby Jindal
    -A lot is being made by the Louisiana Governor’s tour across America in support of Romney and I don’t doubt that it could be a sneak preview of a future Vice President.  Still, I think the whole “exorcism”-gate will tail Jindal as the media starts to vet him. Proceed with caution but I think this is another “STOCK UP” option.
  6. Kelly Ayotte
    -I’m starting to buy the hype that Kelly Ayotte could be a dark horse for the Vice Presidency.  I feel the main issue with her is that she has been politics her whole life and I think that Mitt is trying paint himself as an outsider with “executive/private sector” experience and Ayotte wouldn’t go well with that image.  Still, Stock Up too.
  7. Luis Fortuno
    -Who?  Well Luis Fortuno is the Governor of Puerto Rico and was an early Mitt Romney surrogate.  By picking Fortuno, Romney would be “standing with Puerto Rico” and it could (emphasis on could) help him earn some traction amongst the Hispanic community.  I don’t see Fortuno as a likely pick, but I do think his name deserves to be mentioned in this discussion.

Now, I encourage any of you who read this to join the discussion!  Who do you think will be Mitt’s VP?  Did I omit anyone?  Should I remove someone?  Let me know!

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