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Talk about a day filled with bombshells, huh?

If you have been living under a rock for the past ten hours and the first website you logged onto was PolliticsToday (much thanks); then it would be wise for you to read this incredible report by the Boston Globe on the details surrounding Mitt Romney and his continued association with Bain Capital.

I will not be able to summarize as well as I could but here’s a quick rundown.  Mitt Romney has long-claimed that he left the venture capitalist firm he built in 1999 as CEO to work for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games.  But records indicate that as late as 2002, Romney appeared to have remained as CEO in further business dealings as per SEC filings.  The one snag with that is well, that would mean Romney was lying under oath when he said he left Bain in 1999 when appealing to the Massachusetts Ballot Law Commission and that could very well be a felony under law.

Now make no mistake, there is less-to-little chance that charges will be filed against Mr. Romney and no one should be expecting that.  It would be horrific politics for the Department of Justice, under President Obama, to go after his general election candidate.  So get that fantasy out of your head now.

But one has to wonder, is it possible that Mitt Romney will no longer be the Republican nominee for President this November?

Maybe, but still rather unlikely.

Nonetheless, the timing of this report does show that the Obama for America campaign team might be the best in the business.  Just like how an angler slowly reels in a big-mouthed bass, the Obama team worked this perfectly.  You see, one of the big attacks that Team Obama has used on Mitt Romney is the fact that he was “a pioneer in outsourcing”.

Slowly the Romney team took the bait and stated that while Bain Capital has outsourced jobs before; they didn’t do the practices with Mitt Romney at its helm.  The claim is that after Romney left in 1999, the company started sending jobs overseas to save costs.

As the Romney team continued to shout down the alleged lies by OFA; this report comes on and the Romney campaign now appears to have egg on their faces.  If they want to eliminate this problem, it goes beyond “Etch-a-Sketching” it away to erase it from the minds of the public.

I am no conspiracy theorist at all, far from it.  But one has to chuckle at the coincidences surrounding this blockbuster report.

I am also a believer that you can’t say conspiracy without somehow mentioning Ron Paul, the longtime Texas congressman with the most devoted fan following since The Grateful Dead.

The Paul campaign has had a very interesting electoral strategy during the GOP primaries.  While initially targeting the prized early contests of Iowa & New Hampshire (finishing 3rd & 2nd respectively), the Paul campaign decided to target caucuses that awarded its delegates through party conventions.  From there, the Paul campaign has actually had a fair share of success as it won a plurality of delegates from Iowa, Minnesota, Louisiana & Maine.

The main goal of the campaign appears to be to get Paul to win a plurality of five states to enter his name at the Republican National Convention for nomination.  There, the Paul delegates who have been elected nationwide would certainly cause the GOP establishment headaches at the party floor AND Ron Paul would earn a 15-minute speech to rile up his supporters.

But you see….he needs to win 5 and Paul has so far won 4.  He is one away and his supporters have only one last shot at hitting that magic number which just so happens to be Saturday in the state of Nebraska.

You have to wonder if today’s report will rile up Nebraskan “Paulites” to caucus even more harder for their Libertarian icon.

Still though, is there a way for Mitt Romney to not be the nominee for the Republican Party as it has been long-thought?

Well first you would at least need some public pressure to at least even raise the possibility of a late Mitt Romney withdrawal.  As of now, the story appears to be just oozing in as opposed to opening the floodgates in the mind of the national news media.

While Lawrence O’Donnell summed up today’s events extraordinarily well on his show The Last Word, there hasn’t been much outrage drawn over it.  The media first has to at least continue covering the Bain story (please don’t say, Bain-gate) as a major news story and they haven’t been, especially with the Penn State football program scandal fresh in the minds of the public.

Let’s just play “DOOMSDAY” and say Romney drops out as pressure mounts?  Then the GOP can kiss whatever chance they had at the Oval Office goodbye as they rush to nominate someone a la Rick Santorum.

Which would be the greatest news for Democrats since…?

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