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In the wake of the troubling report (well if you are a Romney supporter) of Mitt Romney potentially lying about his tenure at Bain Capital, it was expected that there would be some damage control by Team Red.  Usually in times of potential crises, a campaign will either issue a strong denial, followed by a plea for repudiation and if all else fails? Well, a story just “happens” to leak regarding the campaign’s future.

So yes, the Romney campaign issued the rapid-fire triumvirate of tenacious backpedaling today and the major news it had?  The potential of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice being Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential nominee.

Now on the surface, the potential of a Rice as a running mate is not the riskiest of all the possible political moves.  She’s certainly a popular figure, she’s far more savvy than say Sarah Palin & you can’t deny that she does have foreign policy experience; even if you strongly disagree with all the moves she made while serving as part of the Bush administration.

Rice has also been long thought-of as a potential contender for national office and she’s been out of the national spotlight long enough to be seen as a “stateswoman” figure in American politics.

But besides that, what possible advantage would Condoleezza Rice give to at the very least; a slightly damaged Romney candidacy?

She certainly doesn’t represent any swing state that Mitt Romney would be looking to bring into his column in November.  But remember John Kerry picked John Edwards of North Carolina as his running mate in 2004 yet lost the state.  So geography doesn’t mean as much as it once was.

Americans will always fear terrorism as the scars of September 11th are still etched in the memories of the nation.  But with stagnating job reports and a turbulent economy, the public’s thoughts aren’t solely focused on potential wars and future attacks.  Rice’s foreign policy experience would be a boon to one of Mitt Romney’s weaknesses but it probably wouldn’t do too much good.

Even though it seems like ages ago, George W. Bush’s Presidency is still firmly planted in the minds of many Americans….and usually it’s for nothing but negative feelings.  With Romney still running as an outside executive, it doesn’t seem likely he’d bring in someone who is nearly as “Washington insider” as one could get.  Again, this doesn’t help the Romney campaign drive the narrative as being America’s best bet on fixing the economy.

While it gets tiresome at times, keeping track of Mitt Romney’s “flip-flops” is nothing short of an Olympic sport amongst the blogosphere.  Romney once stated that his VP pick would be “pro-life” and Rice has stated she is “mildly pro-choice”.  As evidenced by his speech to the NAACP, Romney still thinks he has room to grow amongst the far-right and picking a pro-choicer would continue to hurt him amongst those ranks.

So, Mitt Romney may very well be considering Condoleezza Rice as his running mate.  It isn’t the most risky political move that we have seen in our lifetime.  But in terms of the likelihood of it happening, it just doesn’t add up to what Romney has tried to do as a candidate in framing his campaign.

I will rate this as a political red herring meant for the news media to speculate as Team Romney launches into damage control over the Bain allegations.  It’s worth keeping tabs on, but we’ve got plenty of time to wait and speculate.

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