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Ladies and Gentleman, it seems that Mitt Romney will soon be announcing his running mate of choice any day now.  We I, at Pollitics Today, are just sitting on the edges of our seats in anticipation for the moment when the news leaks out.

However, Mitt Romney has to be careful when he announces his selection.  It would be best not to do it the same day as when the illustrious career of Michael Phelps ends as “The Greatest Athlete Of All-Time” will dominate the news cycle for this weekend.  Nonetheless, with the unveiling of a free app to download, we will get the news very, very soon.

So with that said, who will be Mitt Romney’s running mate?  Let’s take one more look at the Pollitics Today Veepstakes Power Rankings!

  1. Tim Pawlenty (Last Update #1)
    -Yes, Tim Pawlenty is our frontrunner for all three installments of the power rankings.  I’m starting to get the drift that the media has joined us in terms of anointing Pawlenty as the man to beat.  If you are new to PolliticsToday, check out my explanation on why I think the candidate known as T-Paw will be Mitt Romney’s running mate.
  2. Rob Portman (#4)
    -Portman went from the media darling to afterthought to finally, co-frontrunner in most handicaps of the “race”.  He lacks pizzaz, glamour, charisma, and frankly any exciting quality but he is the perfect submissive #2.  This might be the only time he’s a household name so if Portman isn’t selected, enjoy never hearing from him again.
  3. Paul Ryan (#5)
    -I think Paul Ryan is the closest Mitt Romney will get to a “game changing pick” in terms of someone who would be more popular than himself.  Ryan has the budget plan in his corner as well as a thirst for power.  Ryan would be the perfect choice for Mitt in terms of choosing a socially conservative candidate to improve Romney’s credentials in bolstering his support amongst the Tea Party faithful.
  4. Bobby Jindal (#3)
    -Bobby Jindal’s star appears to be rising again, and it wouldn’t be a complete surprise to see him tabbed as Mitt Romney’s right-hand man.  Of all the Governors to oppose the Affordable Care Act, Jindal is the only one who has any shot at national office.  However, would Mitt Romney want to really bring up health care again?  It would be a losing battle given how the Supreme Court upheld the Act and I think America has moved on from that battle.
  5. Kelly Ayotte (#2)
    -For about a week, Ayotte found herself with plenty of hype and her stock appeared to be going up; especially considering Ann Romney’s comments that they were vetting women as well.  Still, she’s fallen off-the-radar a tad and I expect her to try and boost her name for a future run for the Presidency.
  6. John Thune (#6)
    -He fits the role as a “boring, white guy” but it looks like the slightly less boring ones are ahead of him in the race.  Just not looking likely as Thune hasn’t appealed to the national party loyalists as much as the Republican Party thought he would.
  7. Chris Christie (NR)
    -Why not?  He’s not going to be it, but can you really make the case that anybody else deserves to be here?

So who do you think?

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