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We are getting closer and closer to the unveiling of Mitt Romney’s running mate to take on the incumbent team of President Barack Obama & Vice-President Joe Biden.

Now, speculation has seemed to center around former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, current Ohio senator Rob Portman and Congressman Paul Ryan as the co-frontrunners to be Romney’s selection.  The general consensus is that Pawlenty and Portman would be “safe” (though unexciting) selections that would do nothing to hurt the Romney campaign.

One the other hand, Paul Ryan has transformed from rising star to burgeoning party leader for the right wing.  The Tea Party loves him, the establishment is eager to have him on and he’s already made himself a nationally-known figure for his “Path to Prosperity” budget plan that drew the scorn of progressives nationwide.

Make no mistake about it though, the right does not like Mitt Romney but they do love Paul Ryan.  The noise from the right to select the Wisconsin congressman grew louder today with a Wall Street Journal editorial that was basically a fluff-piece that compared Paul Ryan to Ronald Reagan, because as you know; that’s the ultimate litmus test for fire-breathing conservatives.

But why do they love Paul Ryan so much?  He’s an attractive, youthful-looking guy who speaks calmly as opposed to fiery.  He isn’t known for being loud in his far-right stances on social issues (which would hurt Romney’s case amongst younger voters) and has made one single issue his claim-to-fame “entitlement reform”.

Check out what the WSJ said about the case for Paul Ryan as opposed to Pawlenty, Portman or even Marco Rubio.

The case for Mr. Ryan is that he best exemplifies the nature and stakes of this election. More than any other politician, the House Budget Chairman has defined those stakes well as a generational choice about the role of government and whether America will once again become a growth economy or sink into interest-group dominated decline.

Against the advice of every Beltway bedwetter, he has put entitlement reform at the center of the public agenda—before it becomes a crisis that requires savage cuts. And he has done so as part of a larger vision that stresses tax reform for faster growth, spending restraint to prevent a Greek-like budget fate, and a Jack Kemp-like belief in opportunity for all. He represents the GOP’s new generation of reformers that includes such Governors as Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal and New Jersey’s Chris Christie.

Yes, Mitt Romney pick Paul Ryan because he looked the “Beltway bedwetters” in the eye and reform “entitlement” (note: nothing about the entitled wealthy’s tax cuts) by essentially doing away with the benefits that have saved American families.

That is what the “Tea Party” sees in Paul Ryan.  They see an Adonis-like figure emerging from the sunset to kick the “welfare queens” off aid because that is obviously what Ronald Reagan wants.  So goeth the mythology of Ronald Reagan, so goeth the modern-day conservative movement.

If the Republican Party wants to match the Democratic Party’s rebukes against the Bush tax cuts, with the Ryan tax raises; then Paul Ryan will be the choice.  Though we aren’t read as much as the Wall Street Journal, we are still offering our endorsement of Paul Ryan to Mitt Romney because, well the Democrats have already defined Paul Ryan already.

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