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Quick Disclaimer:  I’ve been away for the past two weeks due to me kickstarting my senior year of college!  I’ve been busy running around, going to practice & starting classes so I’m just now getting back into the groove of the internet world again.  So, thanks to those who have read the blog as of late.  

Every national convention usually has some sort of theme that involves party unity, backlash & partisan handholding.  Really, you never find out anything “new” at a party’s convention as it’s full of proverbial red meat being tossed to the audience for quick applause lines.  In fact, political conventions remind me of low-rate superhero movies in which that most of the script is written to generate awe-inspiring monologues as opposed to quick sound bites.

For the most part, sans a bit of fireworks from the Ron Paul bloc of voters, the 2012 Republican National Convention has been generally mild-mannered in it’s early goings though to be fair, the biggest speakers have yet to formally take the stage.

But in the few speakers that have addressed the crowd, a common theme is slowly starting to emerge from the Republican Party of 2012.

“We Built That”.

In case you have forgotten, and to be fair a lot has happened since that time frame, the Mitt Romney campaign has seemingly found a gaffe (that was proven to be an out-of-context quote) committed by President Barack Obama.

At a campaign appearance in Roanoke, Virginia in mid-July, the 44th President of the United States made an off-the-cuff remark about businesses and used the phrase “You Didn’t Build That” to drive a point home.

But it’s quite clear why the Republican Party has embraced their own spinoff of the Obama quote and turned it into a phrase that will repeated ad nauseam until the November elections.

The Republicans have next-to-nothing when it comes to new ideas or proposals that Mitt Romney has initiated that could prevent America from reversing that debt clock that the GOP has ushered around throughout the summer.  The GOP claims to be part Ayn Rand objectivist but has really prided itself on Newt Gingrich’s brand of obstructionism.  Let us not forget the old phrase that Michele Bachmann parroted around about the main goal of the last four years was to make Barack Obama a “one-term President”.

But now the narrative has changed as the Republican Party tries to rebrand itself from being the Party of No into the Party of PICK US.  It’s a pretty half-hearted attempt but you can see that they are really trying to tear down the President’s national image as opposed to trying to bolster Mitt Romney’s personal likability.

Again, look at the shift in narrative.  It is not positive whatsoever, but the meme of Barack Obama being hellbent on destroying small businesses is one that the GOP desperately wants to spread.  America might shop at Walmart and other mega-corporations but deep down, they don’t want to see the Mom & Pop shop close down due to a lack of business.  It’s a simple fact and since the Republican Party is still stuck in the 1960s; it makes sense that they are trying to harken back to the protection of the everyday, hard-working man even though they are the beneficiaries of nearly every large corporation in America.

Yet will it work?  Is the phrase “We Built That” or “I Built That” really a good thing when your presumptive nominee has made his money off selling businesses he didn’t build?  Isn’t that sort of a counter-productive slogan that gives the Obama campaign team a chance to say that Mitt Romney did NOT build his wealth?

Of course it is, which is why the “We Built That” narrative is just as likely to fail as every other talking point the Republican Party has tried to push onto the American people.  The continued flaws of Mitt Romney’s personality, background & candidacy keeps damaging the ambitions that the Republican Party has in their quest to take back the White House from Barack Obama & the Democratic Party.

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