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Alright, I have an admission to make.  I have “publicized” or “politicized” my story as well as my family’s story in the past.  I do this because I believe that citizens need to hear the truth and need to hear every single side to a story that exists.

Tonight at the Democratic National Convention, I saw one of the most powerful videos that I have ever seen at a national convention (though I’ve only really been around for three election cycles).  Stacy Lihn, a mother of a young girl named Zoe, shared her story about her daughter’s congenital heart defect and how her life was basically saved due to the Affordable Care Act passed by President Obama.  The video is amazing and can be seen here.

Stacy Lihn’s speech was courageous make no mistake about it.  However, there are other stories out there who need to be heard.  Healthcare is not just a political talking point nor is it something that only affects a certain segment of the population.  The fight to earn healthcare is a challenge that can be mountainous and arduous climb.  As someone who has been down that road before, I can tell you that trying to make sure that you don’t get hurt is so much harder than it sounds.

But in our world, we are finding it more and more “easier” to share our stories and hope the right people hear it.  After Lihn’s story, several people flocked to Twitter to share their experiences and I want to try and list as many as possible.  Politics can be a bloodsport, I think we all know that by now, but it can be something that saves lives.

Yes this is a fluff piece for the Affordable Care Act, but I don’t want you to think of Democrats or Republicans in this matter.  We can all be uninsured and have a crisis hit us.  None of us are impervious or immune to disaster.  I want you to instead think of these people and how we should be thrilled that they are with us today to share their story.

These tweets were taken from the Twitter stream of MSNBC analyst and co-host of The Cycle Krystal Ball who has given a platform for these people who either wait in fear of repeal or benefited from one of the newest, Supreme Court legal form of legislation.

antipandemonium: Know exactly how she feels. Daughter suffers from 1 chronic &2 rare incurable disorders. Grateful beyond words 4 ACA.

GaryHassay: Because of the ACA, my newborn son wasn’t kicked off my ins b/c of a pre-existing condition and won’t have lifetime caps.

JwernlyKrystalBall1 I do too. My son has a preexisting condition. I worry about who will be on the WH every night

@Jwernly My daughter has vocal chord paralysis & we rely on Medicaid. What would Romney/Ryan do to families like us?

ircrcKrystalBall1 My 17 yo daughter born with same condx as #StacieLynn ‘s. 3 surgeries, 1/2 heart. Thriving and giving back! #ACA

This list may grow throughout the day.  As I stated earlier, these were the ones I ripped from Krystal Ball’s Twitter.  It may even shrink if people aren’t comfortable with their stories online and per request, I will take them down if needed (just hit me up on Twitter), I also invite others to share their stories to me @PolliticsToday (remember two l’s!) because no one should be forced into silence on this issue.

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