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It’s a wrap, all we need to know is the final score.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate or moan.

Now let’s get back to what’s important.  What is the proverbial next step?

For me, a known liberal partisan, I saw the results with a mixture of happiness and anxiety.  The happiness is obvious, the anxiety slightly perplexing even to me.  The question is, where do we go know?

One year from now?  Two years from now?  Four?  All indications have the economy is improving but the economy can change on a dime.  If the economy improves, of course the mood of the nation improves.

The healthcare bill will make it to the ever-important 2014 date.  The assumption is that the public won’t either notice a change or will embrace it if it was still intact.  Healthcare’s next step is not if the Affordable Care Act will be repealed or altered but if more tinkers are done to it.  If the ACA has any popularity by 2016, will we see a move to single-payer, a public option or Medicare-For-All system?

The war in Afghanistan is expected to end in 2014, which is one of the few guarantees we’ve received from a politician in this millennium.  However, will that change for better or worse?  I tend to believe we might even see an earlier end than previously anticipated but for now, we can prepare to welcome our troops.  Also, we can now start the effort to get parades in every major city for their return to the United States.  Get it going, readers.

What does this mean for the future of the environment?  We didn’t hear a peep about climate change in the debates and everyone wants the environment to not only be “greener” but to create even more jobs that could help our future.  Under President Obama we could hopefully see that change.

Mitt Romney’s future in politics is over.  He goes down as 1-for-3 in elections.  His legacy is one that was drenched in opportunism and obsession with trends of wherever he ran. His political career is nothing but a footnote in history and he blew a potential chance to beat a moderately popular (but beatable) incumbent yet ran to the right and blew it.

But did he blow it?  How about we say that President Obama’s campaign was easily the more professional, consistent and transparent of the two?  His charisma hasn’t faded with time, even if the campaign slogans have transformed….or evolved.

Speaking of evolution, a President who endorsed same-sex marriage has been re-elected.  The fight over DOMA has only just begun and now gay Americans have someone fighting for them, as opposed to “fighting” with them.  In terms of social upheaval and evolution, we are on the cusp of another revolution that the majority of Americans seem to support.

The future of the Republican Party is not in doubt, but they need to evolve to ever get that desired Senate majority.  Nominating people like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock might’ve costed them a shot to have both chambers of Congress.  Being pro-life is a popular opinion in America but running purely off pro-life credentials, in which you have to defend rape as being not worthy enough for an abortion, will not get it done in the diverse regions that make up a US state.  You can win by being pro-life but you can’t win being exclusively so.  Not in America.

But what about the demographics of America?  Hispanics voted more than they ever have before.  There’s plenty of time for the GOP to not alienate different demographics of people and realize that the future of America is diverse.  We can’t silence people anymore, and these voter suppression acts were exposed as a last-ditch attempt to disenfranchise others.

Nate Silver gets vindicated.  Joe Scarborough realizes his gut isn’t as knowledgeable as an aggregation of numbers.  Public Policy Polling seems to have done a great job this cycle.

How about how tight this thing was?  Did anyone genuinely think North Carolina and Florida would be so tight regardless of who wins?

Did we overestimate Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode?  Clearly, while Johnson did very well for the Libertarian ticket, it seems that America is not quite yet ready for “freedom” that I hear about so much (even though ya know, you can vote for whomever you want).  He won’t hit the desired 5% threshold but maybe this opens up a new way for third parties to group together?  Or he tries again in 2016.  Either or, he definitely goes down as overrated this cycle.

“NOBAMA” was considered to be politically toxic two short years ago.  Now he’s being re-elected.  I implore you, the Facebook viewer or partisan (if you made it this far), to go out and take a break.  I recommend reading what socialism means so you are better equipped to communicate how Obama is not even close to socialist as opposed to being a far-left Marxist.  I recommend reading the Affordable Care Act and realizing how it’s not “universal health care” and distancing yourself from the Fox News drivel that made that possible.

But most importantly, I ask those who cheer for Obama to be graceful and prepared that the world will not change in a minute.  I also implore the Romney voters to inhale, exhale and realize that people will not have “your money” (by the way given to you by somebody else) or free handouts are a thing of slight myth.

I also implore you to vote in 2016, or try for 2014 to change again.  I remember the looks on people’s faces during 2004, and this is no different for you I’m sure.  Your taxes have yet to be “raised” as the Bush tax cuts are still in effect.

If you are upset about gas prices, then you realize a President can’t really control speculation or supply + demand.  If you want him to interfere with the market, then I guess you can complain about him being Socialist.

But one thing is for sure.  He is our President.

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