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The post-mortems of the 2012 election cycle seem to all be saying similar things and all of which are true.  For the most part the main storylines, besides the obvious (Obama Re-Elected), have showcased a clear problem for the Republican Party.

The world is changing and with the world changing so is our country.  Our demographics are changing, a new generation is starting to take charge of our nation and the GOP seems to be reeling.

But do they *NEED* to change?  Hasn’t there been one consistent pattern in electoral politics?  Nothing is permanent and the mood of the nation can change in a quick drop of a Dow.  Whoever the incumbent is does have advantages when it comes to running every four years but the midterm elections are usually far worse for the wear.

In 2014, seats in Republican strongholds such as Arkansas, Alaska & Louisiana (all currently seating Democrats) will be opening up.  While the Democrats do have the advantages of the incumbency, it’ll be very hard to hold all of these seats.

But didn’t we say that a few months ago?  Little did we know that somehow the Republican Party found themselves on the wrong side of the topic of rape.  Yes, the current GOP (to be fair they distanced themselves….sort of….from them) nominated two candidates in very winnable races that found themselves in controversy over the word rape.

With women gaining more and more political power as each election cycle passes, the GOP clearly has to change.  Debating over horrifically intrusive topics such as “transvaginal” ultrasounds will be one thing that has to stop if the GOP is ready to evolve into a more recent century.  Women did vote for Mitt Romney, don’t get me wrong in suggesting otherwise, but the GOP needs to re-enter the current era if they stand a chance to win a majority of female voters in 2014 and beyond.

What about Hispanics though?  Hispanics are now flocking to the polls and for the most part that movement was directly due to the Republican endorsements of so-called “papers, please” bills that rightfully attracted controversy over the past year.  Yes, there are ways to actually combat illegal immigration but if you are currently debating between racially profiling or endorsing self-deportation as your immigration platform; it might be time for some changes.

Also get over it, gay people are getting married and continuing to enjoy happy lives with each other.  They serve openly in the military.  They are in the halls of Congress and yes, they are happily breathing the same air as you.  There’s no fighting it.  DOMA could possibly be ruled unconstitutional in the next year.  If you are that opposed to two people happily enjoying each other’s company for the rest of their lives, take Governor Tom Corbett’s advice.  Another thing, Maine and Maryland passing marriage equality did not ruin David Petraeus’s marriage.  I’m sure you thought of that Senator Santorum.

I’m not saying you have to become tree-huggers or dare I say, “socialists” to appeal to new voters.  Of course not.  I also believe that liberals, such as myself, probably aren’t the best people to take advice from considering we’d rather you be us as opposed to being something different.  But we also don’t want you to fade away; we need the dialogue.

But don’t take it from me, take it from the people who overwhelmingly voted a moderately popular President in less-than-ideal times to another term.  Take it from the people who gave the Democrats a 55-to-45 majority in the Senate.  Take it from the people who ousted Joe Walsh and Allen West (well, whenever he decides to) from office and made Michele Bachmann’s seat highly endangered.

Yes, you still have the House of Representatives and by a quite comfortable margin if you do say so yourselves.  Yet look at the seats that were lost.  The seats that you impressively turned from blue-to-red in your dramatic 2010 rout.  You think you feel bad now?  Imagine what it felt like in 2010.  The one saving grace that we held onto was the fact that Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell & Ken Buck did not become Senators.

But what did the Democrats do?  They evolved and continued to become the more inclusive party.

So yes, don’t take it from me Mr. or Mrs. Republican.  This isn’t the best place for advice for future elections.

But how about you listen to the people?

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