I guess for a brief moment, we will take a bit of your time to not really talk about politics.  While the political system is always in flux and constantly jeopardizing our sanity, we do tend to forget that life goes on.

Holidays are always a time for either reflection or disaster depending on how the day goes.  Usually it starts out with ambition before ceding to emotional drainage which eventually gives way to relief that it’s over.

I am thankful for a multitude of people, objects, things and moments.  Some are obvious, some are cliche and others are way too material to be deserving of the word “thankful”.  Thankful is a word that rarely is used outside of Thanksgiving and has become synonymous with expressing gratitude to those around you.

But, in my family’s typical fashion, Thanksgiving always makes us thankful for one thing.


Yes, Thanksgiving is usually filled with making food that takes far too much time and there’s always a near-disaster that occurs once the festivities start to kick off.  Off the top of my head, I can remember a few memorable moments of Thanksgiving’s past.

  • We once invested in a deep fryer because we were in the mood to take off a few years of our lives.  We weren’t quite sure how to use it, from what I can recall, and we never even got the turkey into the fryer.  So Thanksgiving Dinner concluded with us eating Elio’s oven pizza which was AWESOME for my 10-year old or so self.
  • Last Thanksgiving, our family had the dishes in the dishwasher and something went wrong that caused the steaming hot water to pour out of the dishwater.  Various obscenities, that probably weren’t used since the Bush administration, came out of our mouths as we tried to contain the spill.  To their credit, the dogs did the best they could by barking at the water.  BP has yet to pay its fines for that one.
  • Every Thanksgiving always see us take a huge inhale as Chester, the old Mainecoon cat, decides he wants a bit of the action.  I don’t think a year has gone by, since we had him, in which Chester hasn’t become perilously close to licking the food and inflicting it with some feline form of biochemical terrorism.  Chester then usually gets an escort up stairs so he can reflect on what he did wrong.
  • Usually someone flips out that the turkey smells so delicious yet it takes an absurdly amount of time to preheat an oven, prepare the turkey, and then wait for it to become delicious.  Then someone, usually me, decides that I’m hungry enough to eat whatever I want and usually some leftover Halloween candy is around then I spoil my appetite which prompts my Mother to go “is that all you are going to eat?!?”.  I then decide I’m hungry enough to indulge in some brownies.
  • The football games usually aren’t great.  Now that the Lions have a high-octane offense which somehow doesn’t throw to Calvin Johnson enough, maybe we’ll get some more action.  Also we get to watch Tony Romo challenge himself to throw more interceptions than completions.  Last but not least, we’ll get to see Tim Tebow form an exploratory committee to run for the Presidency in 2032 from the sidelines.
  • The parade, sans Santa Claus, is rather boring and uneventful.  “OH LOOK IT’S THE PIKACHU FLOAT, TELL US ABOUT IT AL ROKER!” and then somehow Scott Stapp is lip-synching “With Arms Wide Open” on a makeshift Tarzan float.  The floats are to parades as the Parade of Nations are to the Olympics.  Here’s a country, here’s a fun fact and let’s zoom in on the crowds reactions.

But we can focus on the negatives but I realize that’s what makes Thanksgiving and all holidays fun.  It’s not just eating fresh turkey and mashed potatoes before calling it a night.  It’s the panic of not getting things done, the dreadfulness of making sure the house is completely clean for people who will not judge you and the sweet relief of the day being over.

However it’s also the awesome food, the bonding of the family, the lack of work and preparation for another long day and the happiness of good times.  Sure that promise usually yields to borderline catastrophe but the dysfunction is all part of the fun.

I am thankful for everyone who has every read this blog and took the time out of their day to listen to me ramble.  I am thankful for the people who I personally know who listen to me rant, rave and also follow two separate Twitter accounts of me.  I am thankful for those people who have retweeted me and delivered a new audience over.

But I am thankful for those who I am honored enough to call friend.  I am thankful for having a girlfriend who I love.  I am extraordinarily thankful for my teammates who are really my family away from home.  I am also thankful to have the love of my family in which it’s fully reciprocated.  I am also thankful to know that Allen West won’t be in Congress for at least a couple of years.

Please enjoy tomorrow and really enjoy the day.  Make it worthwhile.