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North Pole – December 7th, 2012

Controversy rocked the North Pole today as Santa Claus, age 52, has sold all assets regarding North Pole, Inc. to venture capitalist firm, Bain Capital.

Claus has recently come under fire after cutting the elf hourly wage to 3 cookies/per hour and recently wrote an Op-Ed for the Wall Street Journal concerning the elves attempts to unionize.

These elves, while doing great work, need to dial down their efforts to unionize or Christmas as we know it will cease to exist.  I can’t keep doing this while paying these workers ridiculous wages.  Thanks to Obamacare, I can no longer work to the best of my abilities and may have to sell the North Pole.

The Op-Ed drew fire from liberal activists and just represents another controversial statement from the man who TIME Magazine once named as “The Man Of The Year”.

In November of…

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