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In light of any gun-related violence, it’s always a given that the whole “gun control” debate will reignite in American society.

Often times however, nothing is done other than a reiteration of the Second Amendment and treating the NRA as Constitution purveyors. How many times must we, as liberals/p​rogressive​/Democrats​ give the gun industry immunity and in most cases, strengthen them?

I support gun control yet somehow that means that I support gun removal. Everyone in this nation knows that it’s impossible to remove all the guns in the world and to keep them out of criminal hands. In fact, every person that exists knows responsible gun owners who don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as some of our most infamous criminals and violators.

But the fact remains that even after numerous national tragedies, the only regulation of guns in America has been regulating when the dialogue is “supposed” to happen. However all we get is the vague “now isn’t the time….” excuse.

No, I will not take your guns away; but I will keep the dialogue running. We need to find ways in which semi-automatics can’t find citizens hands, where loopholes are emitted from the law and where background checks are strengthened. We must advocate for tighter security in our nation’s schools and create awareness for those suffering from mental disorders.

But don’t worry, you have your guns.

This was reposted from my Sulia account, the original post can be found here.