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One of my the highlights of each weeknight (on Mondays through Thursdays) at the 10:00-to-11:00PM timeslot is watching The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC.  O’Donnell hosted a rare Friday edition of The Last Word last night and boy did he make it a good one.

O’Donnell ripped into National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre for his horrid comments in light (well a week after) the Newtown Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Lawrence O’Donnell Rips LaPierre (VIDEO)

Amongst O’Donnell’s chief complaints were the unnecessary attention that LaPierre receives as he represents an organization that has less members than the AFL-CIO.

Also O’Donnell mocked the idea of having armed policemen in every school, primarily because that it would cost over $6 billion in taxpayer’s money to make that idea possible.  Considering the NRA has Grover Norquist on its board, you have to wonder what he’ll think about that.  I quickly expect the NRA to offer a Plan B on how to fund that correctly.

But as this blog post on the DailyKos states, a majority of O’Donnell’s anger was not at the elementary proposals set forth by LaPierre but what the NRA CEO said concerning the re-election of President Barack Obama.

LaPierre actually said these words regarding the election:

You and I lost more on the election battlefield than our nation has lost in any battle, anytime, anywhere.

Before I go into my rebuking of LaPierre; let the record state that Wayne LaPierre has never served his nation either through service or even as an elected official in some capacity.  All LaPierre has done in his entire adult life is being a lobbyist.  Sure, he might be good at it and all the power to him, but I don’t think a guy whose been a pro-gun activist is necessarily qualified to make such statements.

Nor do I think Wayne LaPierre has any credibility whatsoever when it comes to guns, safety or the political process.  LaPierre made guns innocent and people evil.  Yes, it does take a person to pull a trigger; no one will argue that regardless of what side of the gun control argument you are on.

Yet the focus of LaPierre’s stirring and incoherent response for the NRA was troubling.  Gun-Free zones are not the problem, neither are a lack of armed security and the way to offer help to citizens with mental health issues is not through a database.

The problem is you, Mr. LaPierre because what you said represents what apparently a large majority of anti-gun control Americans think.

Let’s go through a couple of these real quick, it’ll only take a few hundred words.

Not only will having armed policemen at every school cost taxpayers money (or cost money in general for a so-called “keep government out of our lives” lobbyist group) but what good will it do?  What if a “bad person with a gun” comes into a school with an AR-15 and a policeman is on the opposite side of a school (as most schools do have more than one entrance), if that AR-15 can unload up to 60 rounds in a minute; what good would an armed policemen do?  Should we really have an armed guard in every classroom?

Alright let’s just give the teachers guns instead, let’s let them have that right.  So in conjunction with their studies, teachers are going to try and go to the firing range to make sure they are a good shot.  But how many teachers do you think will arm themselves?  75%?  50%?  Less?  More?  Still, there’s always a great shot that a teacher won’t be carrying a gun with them at all times nor will have the time to get it out of wherever it’s locked in.  The logistics of that argument should be thrown away immediately.

A mental health database is somehow less intrusive than a national gun one?  Remember “guns don’t kill people, people do” so if that’s true, shouldn’t we at the LEAST allow background checks on guns to make sure the guns are safe from bad people?  Aren’t guns the innocent victims in this case, Mr. LaPierre?  I mean you practically said it yourself.

But really?  Barack Obama’s re-election is the “biggest loss” in American history?  What has Barack Obama done to your guns since he took office?  Nothing.  Even as of this very moment, nothing has been done or passed in Congress under the Obama Administration when it comes to guns.

Then again, how would you know?  If President Obama bans Bushmasters from Wal-Mart, that’s somehow worse than the Civil War, Vietnam, the Revolution, Korea, Iraq x 2, Afghanistan, 1812 and both WWI and WWII?  Really?

As a 21-year old (nearing 21 and a half for good measure) who has never served his country, I always felt wrong when it comes to supporting war.  I understand a time might come where war might be closer to necessary than anything I’ve seen in my lifetime but I have yet to see it.  Therefore when it comes to war, sensing how I was too scared to ever join the military, I always promised to hold the military in high regard.  They are making the ultimate sacrifice, away from family, friends and their home.

Yet you think, Mr. LaPierre, that losing an election is worse than the military casualties that have happened in our nation’s existence?

Apparently the answer is yes.  The NRA SHOULD stand for responsible gun ownership and if I recall, isn’t that part of their mission?  If so, I support every NRA member who publicly repudiates Mr. LaPierre for his inane comments and his ridiculous presser.

It simply can not stand.