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I hope everyone’s holidays were great and hope everyone is fully re-charged because the race to potentially fill John Kerry’s Senate seat (providing he’s nominated to be Secretary of State) is starting to shape up!  Let’s take a quick look at the field.


Ted Kennedy’s son, Ted Kennedy Jr., has long been viewed as a potential political prospect given his name and advocacy of various issues.  Kennedy Jr. was said to be interested in the Senate seat, but his residency of Connecticut put a potential candidacy in limbo and later, made it extinct.

Now that’s not to say Kennedy Jr. won’t run for politics ever.  In fact, it seems that the door is quite wide for him to make a foray into Connecticut politics.  Though I wonder what he’s waiting for as Sen.-elect Chris Murphy is only in his late-30s and the state’s other senator, Richard Blumenthal, was just elected in 2010 as was Governor Dan Malloy.

There’s always been rumors that actor Ben Affleck possessed a mild interest in one day entering the political world but if that day ever comes, it won’t be for this election.  Affleck, 40, has plenty of time to one day run for elected office but with his movie career back in high demand (Gigli was almost a decade ago); it seems that it may not be any time soon.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, probably best known for her mediocre 2010 campaign that saw her lose to Scott Brown, also stated that she would not be entering the fray.  Coakley still has popularity in the Bay State, so I’d expect her to look at the 2014 gubernatorial race once Deval Patrick is out.

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll is another person who has demurred on a run for Senate.  Driscoll, who like Newton Mayor Setti Warren, appears to be a rising figure in Massachusetts politics so keep tabs on her in the future.

  • Lawrence O’Donnell Announces NOT RUNNING

In a light-hearted spoof of the drama that surrounded Ben Affleck’s potential candidacy, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell released a Sherman-esque statement regarding running for the Senate.  We are now awaiting John Krasinski.


Ben Downing is a 31-year old state senator and is likely one of the least well-known names being considered for Senate.  Downing is actively considering the race and he really has nothing to lose by entering the race.  He will not have the pressures of being a frontrunner and can gain valuable name recognition that could ignite a future run for a higher office.  Also, what if there is a real contested primary?  Downing could sneak in with a fractured vote.


News just breaking now states that Rep. Ed Markey will indeed run if a special election is held.  Markey, a favorite amongst progressives, would be one of the frontrunners for the Democratic nomination and will likely be Scott Brown’s toughest challenger.


It seems that the establishment is now rallying around Ed Markey as both the DSCC and  soon-to-be-former (maybe) Sen. John Kerry have both endorsed the longtime representative.

This has to make it next-to-impossible for Rep. Mike Capuano to run for the seat as he would have absolutely no support from the establishment and it might not be worth his time to enter the fray.  This also might hurt Rep. Stephen Lynch’s chances even more but given how he broke with the establishment over the Affordable Care Act, it probably won’t discern him from running.