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Breaking news to report.  Various sources are indicating that Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has been admitted to the hospital due to a blood clot that stems from the concussion she suffered a few weeks ago.

Nothing more to report other than KXLY920 is reporting she will be hospitalized for “at least 48 hours”.

Story still developing.  We wish Mrs. Clinton and the rest of the family the absolute very best.


Well, I’m not exactly well-versed in medicine so I’ll let other people talk for me here in just a second.  The newest news on this is that Clinton has been placed on anti-coagulates which can be perceived as a “good thing” as if the clot was more severe; you’d likely have seen an immediate surgery.   Nonetheless I’ll let this blog at the DailyKos speak for me.

Anticoagulation for subdural hematoma treatment is rather unusual.  If the clot is intracranial, then perhaps the anticoagulation is related to something like a dural venous sinus thrombosis or a cerebral venous thrombosis – two entities where anticoagulation is the standard of care.

Another possibility is that due to her sedentary nature over the past few weeks following her illness and concussion – she developed a clot elsewhere in her body – i.e. in her leg (known as a deep vein thrombosis – DVT) which also requires treatment with anticoagulant agents.