While the 2012 election cycle was an overwhelming success for the Democratic Party, the House is still (rather safely) in Republican hands.

I can not promise you that this blog, which is admittedly rather small in terms of overall audience impressions and reputation, will make a significant difference in national elections.  It would be egregious for me to suggest otherwise, I actually wish my ego was that big.

But we cannot sit idly as the majority Republican House does nothing.  Can we guarantee that a Democratic majority would change things?  Not at all.  But we can try.

Hence why I’m also putting this in your hands.  Share this on your Facebook, “like” candidate’s (which we will tout) Facebook pages, retweet posts from here and maybe even send it to your local Democratic Party.  If we are going to take back the House, with a fairly sizable Republican majority, then it’s going to take us.  The grassroots.

All campaigns are national, but stay local.  It would be great to have a Democratic Party that goes back to the “50-state strategy”.

But it all starts with us, the voters.  Us, the netrooters.  Us, the people.  Let’s start this project now and see what we are capable of.