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I must say, I have taken a sick liking to seeing the plummeting approval ratings of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett.  Maybe it’s because as a college student in Pennsylvania, I have seen firsthand the effects of Corbett’s defunding the state schools.

So while I’m not a PA resident, I am one to cheer on when Corbett’s numbers tank and to be real if you are Tom Corbett; these batch of numbers are horrifying.  According to a new field poll from Public Policy Polling, Corbett’s approval rating is a meager 33% which is a drop from his mediocre rating of 38% just recently.

But while Corbett is plummeting, the greater cause for concern appears to be that his potential challengers in 2014 are rising amidst being complete unknowns.

  • Corbett trails Rep. Allyson Schwartz, 34%-45%
  • …trails former Rep. Joe Sestak, 34%-45%
  • …trails Treasurer Rob McCord, 34%-45%
  • …trails Tom Wolf, 33%-42%
  • …trails John Hanger, 34%-41%

What does that mean?  Corbett’s closest challenger runs seven percentage points ahead of him and Schwartz, his most likely opponent, is up by eleven and inching closer to 50%.

Tom Corbett still might have some type to save face and the fact that he is speaking at Millersville University’s graduation ceremonies might indicate that he’s attempting to make amends with the state schools.  Nonetheless though, we are inching closer and closer to make-or-break time for the former Attorney General.  If his numbers drop anymore, then he might start rethinking running for re-election and stepping aside.

Well, I’m sure most Pennsylvanians hope that happens sooner rather than later.