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Another week, another poll from Public Policy Polling; this time taking a look at the gubernatorial race in Florida that’s set to take place in 2014.  Incumbent Governor Rick Scott has taken a lot of heat during his tenure and after the resignation of his Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll; well, it was interesting to see what his favorability ratings would be.

If you guessed that they would be poor, don’t get too proud but you are still very correct as Scott is at 33%.  Even worse is that Scott is unpopular amongst Democrats, independents, Republicans with only very fragile (46/42) support amongst self-described conservatives.

The good news for Scott is that as of now, he would win in a primary against Attorney General Pam Bondi; who is considered a fast rising star.  In three hypothetical primaries, Scott is still up:

  • vs. Bondi: 46%-27%
  • vs. Agricultural Commissioner/former Rep. Adam Putnam: 48%-24%
  • vs. Rep. Ted Yoho: 54%-13%

On the Democratic side though, former Republican Governor Charlie Crist is by far the frontrunner in a primary and general.  Crist, who has a 66% approval rating amongst Democratic voters, shows how disliked Scott is if these poll numbers are any indication.

  • Scott loses to Crist: 40%-52%
  • vs. former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio: 37%-44%
  • vs. 2010 gubernatorial nominee/CFO Alex Sink: 40%-45%
  • vs. former Fla. Minority Leader Nan Rich: 42%-36%

Of the Democrats only Rich has declared a run but it seems definite that Crist will jump into the fray to get his old job back.  While some Democrats may be thrilled over Crist’s entry into the party, he will have to convince plenty of others who are suspicious of his intentions.  Remember, Crist was trouncing Marco Rubio in early Republican primary polls until he was hammered by the right.