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We got some breaking news out of the MSNBC world concerning the morning show “Up With Chris Hayes”.  Since Hayes is vacating the slot to replace Ed Schultz (who is taking his show to weekends at 5-to-7pm), speculation has centered around Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein or Grio editor Joy Reid to replace Hayes.

Both of those guesses though, turned out to be untrue, as MSNBC is prepared to announce that Salon writer and Cycle co-host Steve Kornacki is taking over the slot.  Kornacki, who has emerged as one of the better minds on MSNBC, might be one of the channel’s more underrated voices.

It’s a small change-of-pace for the channel when you consider the permanently wired Hayes to the slightly more laidback Kornacki but it does seem to fit.  Kornacki, whose often-eager look at elections has endeared him to many, will be a great host and it will be fun to see what he brings to the critically-acclaimed “Up” franchise.

Now, speculation goes on; who replaces Kornacki on the Cycle?  Speculation apparently has centered on The Nation’s Ari Melber or Jonathan Capehart but a recent MSNBC report indicated that it would be Melber.