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Another week has passed and I believe it is time to highlight another potentially vulnerable Republican in 2014 in our efforts to better organize ourselves for the 2014 midterms.  In case this is the first post you have seen regarding our series, here are the previous installments:

All of the above candidates are different in their own way from controversial (Bachmann) to longtime veterans (Miller) to newly elected incumbents (Davis) but all have the ability to swing a district or two to us.

Just so we all know, I include the links to various prospective candidates Facebook and Twitter accounts so you better familiarize yourself with who these potential Representatives are.  I also include links to donating to local Democratic groups (statewide and soon countywide) as opposed to national Democratic committees.  I believe that the best way to ensure money gets spread is by donating to your state group.

Another thing is that midterms are, as everyone knows, have less turnouts than in presidential years.  That should not be a shock but the best way to do your part to excite local Democrats is simply donating your time, money and maybe your phone to remind people to get out and vote.

But enough of that, let’s get cracking to another candidate and this time we re-visit California.

David_Valadao,_official_portrait,_113th_CongressMeet David Valadao, the representative for California’s 21st Congressional District.  Valadao, who was elected in 2013, is probably not your most well-known candidate on your radar but he’s deserving of attention.  There’s a possibility if that there was a better candidate, that we wouldn’t even be having this post made as it would be in a Democrat’s hands but alas, that’s politics.

Much like fellow freshman Rodney Davis, Valadao doesn’t exactly have a long list of legislations nor headlines but we will do the best we can do to make sure you know who he is.

Legislation/Know Your District:

  • Well, in lieu of actually proposed legislation (one bill sponsored by Valadao shows up on his website); let’s take a look at what someone from DailyKos said, here’s what RandomFactor had to say in a post regarding the 21st District.
I’m right next door in CA23

…in fact, was mistakenly phone-polled on the race last year, twice.  Gerrymandered around my residence.

That area’s incredibly poor, agriculture-dominated.  What they NEED is jobs not dependent on ag, IMHO.  What they’ll ask for is cheap federally-subsidized water.  Locals are big on denying global warming and it’s going to shrivel them up in the sun.

I think it’s winnable, Fresno up above is turning bluer these days (Costa, D-16). But the representation tends to be very red, and the area has in the past been one of the poorest CD’s in the nation, even worse than the Deep South.


Electoral History:

2012:  David Valadao (R): 57.8%, John Hernandez (D): 42.2%


Potential Prospects:

Initial speculation is on a rematch for Hernandez who lost by the amount he did due to poor campaigning, ethics problems and a lack of fundraising.  I’m not “in the business” but if I were, I’d probably call that the triumvirate of terrible campaigning.  Not really clever but you always take the time to say triumvirate, right?

Other potential candidates include Blong Xiong, a Fresno councilman who lost in the blanket primary last year to Hernandez and Valadao and maybe Fran Florez.  Out of these three candidates, Xiong might be the better bet but I see potential in Leticia Perez who will be running for the State Senate seat vacated by Michael Rubio who was once considered the party favorite in 2012 for this seat.

Perez is new but received the endorsements of the California Democratic Party over Florez.  She might be rather inexperienced, if she wins and runs, but considering Hernandez’s problems; she might be the best bet.

Why We Can Do This:

I am most confident in swinging the seats held by Coffman and Miller when it comes to 2014 with the others being pure toss-ups to slightly leaning Republican.  This seat definitely falls in the latter as the main problem will be finding a good candidate and while Valadao is uncontroversial and fairly by-the-book, he’s not exactly entrenched in the seat either.

What is critical here is a good GOTV which is obvious but more important here than in some other districts.

If we can get a solid candidate, this race could be a pure toss-up but the Hispanic vote is very critical here.

Links You Oughta Check Out:

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