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As MSNBC continues to tinker with its programming, a brand new show appears to be emerging from the woodwork.  Karen Finney, a Democratic strategist that was a spokeswoman for the DNC, has been a substitute host at times for the network but will now be hosting a (as of now unnamed) weekend show.

MSNBC has made some pretty severe tinkers with its lineup as it continues to acquire more viewers.  The shakeup started with the announcement of Ed Schultz leaving his 8pm weekend shows to the weekends and being replaced by Chris Hayes.  Then came word that Steve Kornacki would replace Hayes and its assumed Ari Melber took over for his spot on The Cycle.

Now as Schultz prepares for his 5-to-7pm weekend show, he appears to have a lead in as the unnamed Finney program will air on weekends at 4-to-5pm.