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I guess today can be considered Mitch McConnell Day at Pollitics Today since we have another story about the Senate Minority Leader’s political standing.  McConnell, who is in the news today for his campaign’s rather scathing remarks on actress Ashley Judd, continues to be very unpopular in his some state according to Public Policy Polling who released a snippet to Politico.

McConnell’s favorability stands at a paltry 36% approval compared to a 54% disapproval.  Against three of his likely general election rivals, McConnell does beat them all but is held under the 50% mark that incumbents thrive to be above.

  • Vs. KY Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes: McConnell-45%, Grimes-41%
  • Vs. former Rep. Ben Chandler: McConnell-46%, Chandler-41%
  • Vs. contractor Ed Marksberry: McConnell-46%, Marksberry-35%

This poll continues the thought that Grimes is McConnell’s toughest challenger though Cnandler does well too.  Grimes is a rising star in the state and her national profile appears to be growing as more focus is drawn to the race.  Grimes would have the Clintons in her back pocket as well so fundraising shouldn’t be a problem for her though McConnell’s pockets will be flushed with cash.

As of now though Marksberry is the only announced contender so now that the summer is coming upon us, decisions will be have to be made from the Grimes camp sooner rather than later.