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It seems that a “bipartisan” presser between West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey is set to occur tomorrow to announce a background check piece of legislation.

I guess I will use this space to update it periodically but contrary to my belief when seeing these two names, this deal doesn’t involve cutting Social Security and Medicare.

I’m assuming that the deal will be similar to the comments Manchin made this week per NBC News:

Manchin told reporters Tuesday that the compromise would close the gun show loophole by mandating background checks for those transactions and also require background checks for all Internet gun sales.


Just adding some more information expect this “deal” to continue having loopholes that ruin the effectiveness of the deal.  Per Greg Sargent:

But — and this is the compromise part — all private sales not done through a commercial venue would get a background check but a record would not be kept. This would mean records wouldn’t be kept for acquaintance-to-acquaintance or friend-to-friend sales.

I assume this will be the main item to takeaway from the press conference tomorrow.