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One of the more interesting stories yesterday was a new Washington Post/ABC poll that had former President George W. Bush with a 47% approval rating, up from an all-time low of 33% back in his Presidency.

This shouldn’t be really considered a major shock, now that George W. Bush has been out of the White House for over four years.  Presidencies tend to age well as people tire of the gridlock during the current administrations.  He wasn’t tested but I have to imagine that many people nostalgically wish for Bill Clinton to be President again even though there was of course, plenty of gridlock and a political carnival of an impeachment.

Still, as one of only 42 men to serve in the White House (remember Grover Cleveland served in two non-consecutive terms); George W. Bush does have a legacy now.  He is part of history and will have to do his best in the time that he is alive to leave as good of a taste in people’s mouths as possible.

But as the Bush machine tries to go into pro-Dubya politics, take a look at what they are trying to tout as reasons to historically alter Bush’s Presidency.

Gillespie also lauded Bush for a number of his other decisions, such as persuading Congress to approve a Medicare prescription drug benefit and his strong leadership after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Other former Bush aides say he will eventually be given credit for policies that are often ignored today, such as his support for immigration reform, even though it went nowhere in Congress, and his backing of massive U.S. assistance to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa, which saved many lives.

Let’s just compare this to the Presidency of Barack Obama, shall we?  The Medicare prescription drug benefit will largely be ignored in favor of the press that the Affordable Care Act is receiving.  His ahem “strong leadership following 9/11” will mostly be tarnished by that whole Iraq War thing that saw one of the most massive deceptions by a presidential administration.  Also he will really get support for immigration reform?

If we are playing that game, then we should give Barack Obama plenty of accolades for saying that he doesn’t want more wars.  Or saying that he wants to enact gun control to save lives.  Or that he wants the environment to be cleaner and that he actually will probably sign some type of immigration reform by the end of the year.

The hilariousness of the Bush machine to rewrite history would be a lot less funny if it actually meant something.  In case you forgot, remember the blundering of the President during the subprime mortgage crisis?  How about the mangling of Hurricane Katrina?  How about the Iraq War and the signing of the Patriot Act?  How about the attempted appointment of Harriet Miers to the highest court in the land?  How about the whole Valerie Plame affair that happened under the watch of his chosen Vice President?

But don’t worry for all of you who are still suffering from the 2008 meltdown…he wanted immigration reform after all.