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Now that America’s attention slowly (and thankfully) turns away from the Jodi Arias case, we are beginning to gain a better view of what will happen in the case of George Zimmerman; the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

Of course, the last time we saw George Zimmerman; he was talking to Sean Hannity about he already loves his unborn child, in what had to have been a carefully orchestrated scheme to raise money from the right wing.  Unfortunately, like all matters I guess, this case has become politicized in some way as the right appear to be on the side of Zimmerman while the left is on the side of the family of Martin.

One thing is for sure is that only two people know exactly what happened on that night in which Martin, who was wearing a hoodie while returning from 7-11, was apparently stalked, then fought and was ultimately killed by Zimmerman who claimed he shot the teen in self-defense.  However, one of them is not with us anymore which leaves Zimmerman as the man on trial.

But if you were following the recent developments (recently highlighted by the Grio’s and MSNBC’s Joy Reid) you would assume that Trayvon Martin was actually on trial for shooting Zimmerman.  The defense team, led by attorney Mark O’Mara, has released texts from Trayvon that indicate the teen’s usage of marijuana, a recent suspension from school as well as allusions to the fact that he carried or at least possessed firearms at home.

It does not paint a pretty picture but also released by the defense team were pictures of Trayvon Martin that include the teen rocking a gold tooth grill, flipping off the camera and blowing smoke out of his mouth.  O’Mara stated that if the prosecution tries to attack the character of Zimmerman (who was accused of domestic violence by a former fiancee and was charged with resisting a police officer in 2005) then they would also combat by attacking Trayvon’s character.

Nonetheless, attacking a teen’s character doesn’t exactly make sense.  First, I have yet to hear a study that ties marijuana usage (a drug that is commonly used by urban, suburban and rural folks mind you) towards dangerous activity.  Sure, it might make you a bit more “chill” but Cheech & Chong and Harold & Kumar wouldn’t be mistaken for gangbangers I assume.

Second, being only four years removed from high school myself, of course male teens talk a big game.  Trayvon Martin wasn’t perfect, just like how Zimmerman and every other person on the planet is not as well.  But if we are going to give Zimmerman the benefit of a doubt because Martin talks like almost half of all teenage boys; then half of America would be locked up.  Also, hate to break it to you parents, odds are your child has at least once talked a bigger game then what they did.

But most importantly, unless Trayvon Martin was texting gang leaders to come and shoot Zimmerman (he didn’t); this outrageous character assassination should not be happening right now.  Better yet, unless Zimmerman knew exactly who Trayvon Martin was before he got out of his car and stalked him; then this could not possibly hold up in court though I’m sure the defense will try to state that he struck the first punch in the feud that escalated into his death.

Still, this is a political trial now.  By throwing out these stereotypes of Trayvon, you can only assume that the defense team is attempting to taint the jury pool or maybe Zimmerman needs help raising money again and this is what they can do.

This case only promises to get uglier, unfortunately in cases like this you will hear unfair character assassinations of the deceased.  Its now standard but again, even if Trayvon was a gun-totin’ thug; it is irrelevant.  All that is relevant is who threw the first punch and who was “on top” during the skirmish.