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Pollitics Today is not a big website.  We have some people who do read our posts regularly, and I thank you all and continue to hope you read us, but for the most part; no one knows who I am.  I’m fine with that too, I’m working hard to make sure at least one person a day reads my blog for the first time.  

I’ll share with you how “low” of a website I am.  I average somewhere about 100 views a day if I’m really clicking.  If I don’t add content, I’m around 50.  The most views I had per day was 900 (thanks to a link from crooksandliars.net) and the best month I had was in November 2012 when I averaged 125 views per day.

That’s nothing to hang your hat on.  I only have 300+ likes on Facebook and 335 followers on Twitter.

With that being said, I don’t “endorse” people; I support them.  Nonetheless, I would like to share with you why I’m supporting Rush Holt in the Democratic primary in New Jersey.

When the great Frank Lautenberg passed away, it was all but assumed that Newark Mayor Cory Booker would jump in and win the seat.  If recent polls are an indication, that will likely be true.  Still, I have options and I’m going to use them and I simply cannot vote for Cory Booker when there are other (in my mind, better) options to represent New Jersey.

But enough about Booker, who I do like, if you want to read my views on him; read this post.

So my options were between Reps. Rush Holt & Frank Pallone and Speaker of the General Assembly, Sheila Oliver.  I considered Oliver for a few minutes but her ties to the New Jersey Democratic machine turned me off greatly.  To read my post on the bosses of New Jersey, read this.

That leaves with me with Frank Pallone and Rush Holt.  Both of these two men are fine Congressmen who have very similar voting records.  Since I have one vote, I had to pick between the two of them.  My initial gut instinct was indeed, Mr. Pallone.  I liked his op-ed on “too big to fail” on the DailyKos and I thought he was someone who would be the ideal successor to Frank Lautenberg.

Then I started looking into the record of Rep. Rush Holt and was immediately impressed.  I always knew of him as the guy who beat the supercomputer on Jeopardy and he’s been on the Rachel Maddow Show a few times over the past couple years.  He’s a recognizable name if you follow politics in New Jersey and one that appears to be a truly honest man.

I was impressed with his sense of humor and the bumper sticker “my congressman IS A rocket scientist”.  I was impressed that he was a research scientist and if Congress needs something, its more scientists as opposed to the anti-evolutionary pseudoscience that has also extended to climate change denial.  Holt’s op-ed on the Keystone XL pipeline was another boon to me as it was good to see him be a leading voice on something that could horrifically impact the environment.

I am eager to support Rush Holt and this is the first contested primary I’ve been able to vote in and I’m eager to press the button next to his name.  I’ve also started a Facebook and Twitter account that’s supporting him and keep in mind, its not affiliated at all with the Rush Holt campaign.

Nonetheless with the primary in about 60 days, I hope you join me in supporting a great representative who would make an awfully good Senator.


Rush Holt’s Facebook Page
Rush Holt’s Twitter Page
My Unofficial Rush Holt Twitter Page
My Unofficial Rush Holt Facebook Page