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We have made continuous updates to our Taking Back The House series and I have created a master database of all the races we have highlighted and links to all the prospective Democratic candidates.  We continue to edit it as news on races emerge and we hope you follow it.  For the master list, please click here.


Welcome back to another edition of Taking Back The House.  For this latest edition, we go back to California (where we have gone twice already) for another seat that Democrats will aim to turn blue in 2014.  Remember, as we get deeper into the series; the harder it will be.  That is not to say it will be impossible but keep in mind THIS IS a midterm and midterms are notorious for either being a letdown for the party that occupies the Presidency OR one that’s hard to flip seats period.

Of course, I’m not saying that the Democrats won’t flip any seats; in fact I think they should at least get three (Gary Miller, Mike Coffman and Steve Southerland’s seats are the ones I believe will be flipped blue with Rodney Davis and Chris Gibson’s very possible) but anything can happen in politics.  Still, this is mostly a reference of winnable seats whether its in 2014 or 2016.

With that being said, let’s take a look at Rep. Jeff Denham of California’s 10th congressional district.

File:Jeff_Denham_Official_PortraitJeff Denham has been in Congress since, you guessed it, the Republican wave year of 2010.  Redistricting forced him from the 19th congressional district, in which he succeeded the retiring George Radanovich in 2010, to the 10th in which he defeated NASA astronaut Jose Hernandez in 2012.

Before being elected to the House, Denham served in the California State Senate and was actually the subject of a recall effort that was overwhelmingly rejected by voters.

Even though he has a track record of one full term (and in the midst of a second one), let’s take a look at Denham.

Legislation & Notable Votes:


Electoral History:

  • 2010:  Jeff Denham (R): 64.6%, Loraine Goodwin (D): 35.1%
  • 2012:  Denham (R): 52.7%, Jose Hernandez (D): 47.3%


Potential Prospects:

Well it appears that the DCCC has settled on Michael Eggman, a beekeeper and farmer from the area, and don’t let his occupation fool you or diminish his possible candidacy.  Eggman is the brother of Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, and may not be the worst candidate in this district.

Jose Hernandez might toss his hat into the ring again, but I would imagine he would stay clear until 2016.  Nonetheless while he does have an amazing back story, one that would be incredibly unique to Congress, he didn’t do the best job campaigning it appears.  With the DCCC in support of Eggman; it might be best for Hernandez to stay home.

Why We Can Do This:

Well, Denham is still a new incumbent in a slightly Republican area.  Since it’s a midterm, he will have the advantage but keep in mind that Denham has stated his intention to run for Lieutenant Governor of California.  Running two campaigns aren’t the easiest thing, so that is something you should keep in mind as well.

Eggman might be connected better to the area too than Denham seeing as how he has apparently lived in the area his whole life.  Never underestimate what local roots can do for someone.

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