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Well I’m turning 22 on Monday and I intended, for the most part, to take this weekend and Monday off of new posts on this blog but sometimes a news piece comes along that just blows you away.

This is one of them.  Louie Gohmert, the Republican congressman from ???? Texas, is well-known in being an anti-immigration zealot.  He’s taken Tom Tancredo’s claim to fame and made it into an art when it comes to the rhetoric concerning immigration reform.

Gohmert is also known to be kind of a loose cannon when it comes to serving in the Republican caucus in Congress and his disapproval of the establishment, a point that was showcased when he actually casted a vote for Allen West to be Speaker of the House.  Yes, the same Allen West who lost his reelection bid the previous November.

But with the increasingly likelihood of an immigration reform bill being sent to the House, Gohmert is getting two of his favorite issues to rail against; immigration and John Boehner.  Gohmert today stated that if immigration reform is pushed by Boehner he might very well consider a run for Speaker come 2014.

Oh boy, where to begin?  Gohmert has a smaller likelihood than becoming the next Speaker of the House than I do, but there are likely quite a few Republicans in the House that would consider an opponent to the current establishment leadership of Boehner and Eric Cantor.  Also, running for Speaker isn’t exactly like running for office since the people who are voting are ones who probably want the cushy appointments that the establishment can offer.

Still, oh the possibilities of Louie Gohmert trying to be Speaker is one that is delicious but it should make efforts to “Take Back The House” more needed.  It might not happen in 2014 but the best way to defeat people such as Gohmert is to vote, vote, vote.  Gohmert might stay in office forever, but there are plenty of his fellow Representatives who can be defeated.