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Over the past couple days, followers of the PolliticsToday Twitter account have noticed that I have gradually shifted my focus to a new cause.  I’ve stated on this blog before my differences with Cory Booker (education reform & Wall Street) and how there are several things the Mayor of Newark has yet to elaborate his stance on.

On Thursday night, a tweet came across my Timeline that suggested that Cory Booker told a group of Bergen County Democrats that he supported fracking.  Of course, we all rushed to find out whether this was true or not and we tweeted Mr. Booker about if such a statement was stated.  True to his active Twitter feed, Mr. Booker actually responded to our questions by vehemently denying that such a conversation took place.

I was satisfied and pretty impressed with how quickly Cory Booker squashed that rumor, though something else ate away at me as I thought about the next few days.  He never stated his opposition against fracking or my numerous tweets to him in the past two weeks regarding his stance on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Now I’m given the Mayor the benefit of the doubt because, at last check, he was nearing 1.4 million Twitter followers and I’m sure he gets plenty of tweets his way from numerous accounts.  There is no possible way that he can see/reply to every one as he is the Mayor of Newark and running for U.S. Senate.

Here’s where you come in.  Last time, about ten of us tweeted Cory Booker and got a response from him to deny a rumor.  This time, we want a simple answer to the question #DoYouFrack?  Its not a simple issue, I understand, but Mr. Booker needs to address this issue as it will be something he votes on as a Senator.

This is what Cory Booker stated when he announced his bid to replace the late, great Frank Lautenberg:

Democracy is not a spectator sport, but now as much as in any time, we must bring people together.  We must actually get into the complicated difficult messy arena and take on the difficult challenges, work in uncommon ways with conviction and courage.

Those words have inspired me to take on this cause as he is right democracy isn’t a spectator sport.  That’s why I’m trying to get plenty of people involved to see if Booker will be courageous in giving us a simple stance on the issue of fracking or the Keystone XL.

Some people think I’m targeting Cory Booker as I earlier stated that I’m supporting Rush Holt and I’m spending too much time on the likely frontrunner to be the next U.S. Senator from New Jersey.  However, this cause is personal to me.  Cory Booker, if elected to the Senate, will represent me.  I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life (22 years tomorrow) and want my state to continue to have delegates that are leading voices on the national stage such as Lautenberg, who was adamantly against fracking.

Mayor Booker is a national political star and someone with a big platform.  All I want is a simple answer and I hope you will join me at 9:45pm every night until we get an answer from him on this issue.

Please join me.