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As some avid readers of Pollitics Today know, I have taken a great amount of satisfaction over Tom Corbett’s continuing plummeting support in the state of Pennsylvania.  At this point, its gotten so ugly for the former Attorney General of Pennsylvania that taken pleasure in his lack of support amongst the general public could be considered sadistic.  But then I remember the cuts to higher education and his comments over transvaginal ultrasounds and I realize this couldn’t happen to a better politician.

Corbett, according to a newly released poll from Harper Polling, appears to have the support of 24% (!) of Pennsylvanians.  Reread that again, he has the support of TWENTY FOUR PERCENT of prospective voters.  Hell we could put up Corbett’s numbers against the United States Congress and he would probably still be a 50/50 shot of winning in 2014.  Thankfully, the Democrats seem prime to nominate Rep. Allyson Schwartz as their nominee and if you are her, you must be eagerly awaiting November 2014 because it will lead to a very happy January 2015.

Here are some other highlights from the poll.

  • If the 2014 gubernatorial race was between a “generic Republican” or a “generic Democrat”; the Democrat would barely be up by a 41% to 40% margin.  That showcases Pennsylvania’s status as being a divisive state (you have Philadelphia on one end, Pittsburgh on the other and the Florida panhandle in between with much respect to Allentown and Reading) but also how truly unpopular Corbett is.  There are some rumblings that Corbett could just elect to retire as opposed to run again but I would likely bet that he would lather any prospective Republican in his stench.
  • 43% of Republicans (as opposed to 28%), 43% of Democrats (as opposed to 31%) and 42% (as opposed to 21%) of Independents believe the Pennsylvania economy is “getting worse” which fares very well for any Democrat who is running against Corbett.

Other various tidbits of the poll show Pennsylvania’s beliefs on penison reform, the latest budget, the Affordable Care Act and their favorite candy bar are all looked at by Harper.

As always those, Governor Corbett; you might wanna close your eyes.