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Dear Tracy Martin & Sybrina Fulton,

I don’t know what to say nor do I know how to begin this.  Nothing I can say or do will make this right.  You do not know me, but every night I thought about you as did my parents and others around him.  If Twitter was any indication, you were not alone nor will you ever be.  If this hurts for us, I can’t imagine how it hurts for you.

What happened to you two, in the course of about a minute, is something that no parent/guardian/friend/family member/etc. should ever have to hear.  No one should bury their child.  No one should have to wait for weeks to see that the person who killed their child get charged.  No one should have to rely on public outcry to just open an investigation to their child’s passing.

No one should have to hear their son, who they knew best and had no way to defend himself, get degraded.  No one should have to see their son’s passing to turn into a political feud in which half of the country is against your son for the simple fact that the other side wanted justice for him.

No one should have to worry about their son being stalked and followed, then shot and killed, and hearing that the killer was able to go to work the next morning.

No one should have to then see their son’s corpse, with the Skittles that he bought and the hoodie that he wore, over and over again.  No one should have to had go through this entire process.

Unfortunately you had to.  I can’t offer you anything being from New Jersey but I see the anger on Twitter and the sadness amongst people and can only imagine how you feel.  The first thing I thought of when I saw the verdict was not about the killer, but you.

I can only say that, you have my condolences, you have my support and you have my backing.  You two were two of the strongest people in America this past month as you had to deal with everything that no one should’ve.

I only wish that I could help you in any possible way or manner.  But I will offer my support for you which you will always have.