Hello all,

The past week or so has been amazing for the blog and the month of July is shaping up to be one that has entirely changed the trajectory of PolliticsToday.  We’ve expanded our readership, our followers on Twitter and Facebook as well as having the most hits per month in our site’s history (that is with twelve days left in the month!).

So now that I have a few more followers and readers, I think its time to add a new facet to how we can connect with each other.  As my Twitter followers know, I sometimes I have to constantly promote my posts so people can read them.  I decided there has to be a way to make this easier.

So with the help of a friend, we now have an alert system.  By signing up here, you will be stating that you wish to receive alerts every time we post a new article on the site.  You can choose to pick email or Twitter alerts (or both!) and it will also give me a greater idea of who reads the site.

Without further ado, please sign up here!

Thank you for your continued interest!,