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Nothing to say here other than the obvious.

The US Government, as of this very moment, has been shut down by Republicans who are more concerned about future elections as opposed to the future of this nation.

We are in the midst of a glorified fundraising opportunity and a moment for certain politicians to make a name for themselves when the nearest SuperPAC “liberty group” comes knockin’ at their door.

This is not a surprise, this is the same party that declared Mission Accomplished about oh….eight years too early?  This is the same party that is now actively against a similar bill it once backed, against a similar bill to the one that the guy who was the “leader” of the party last year actually championed at one point.  This is the same party that has two very distinct factions that form new cracks when a pin is dropped on its shaky core.

Will it burst?  Unlikely.  Why would it?  The “moderates” of the party (or dare I say, the mavericks) only care about going on Meet the Press and decrying their party’s extremists but have no qualms about voting alongside with them.

But as of now, the government is shutdown.